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4 Steps to Take When You Want to Get Your Business Listed in Google’s Local 3-Pack

You see the changes in local search and want to get your business listed in Google’s local 3-pack. While the task may seem daunting, you’re about to discover that the process is straightforward.

There are only a few areas you need to focus on to improve the possibility of appearing in the local 3-pack. Many of these tasks also help improve your organic rankings:Google Local 3 pack

  • Get more quality reviews
  • Make sure your site is optimized for mobile
  • Optimize your Google My Business listing
  • Gather quality local incoming links
  • Get citations with consistent name, address, phone # (NAP)
  • Create quality content on your location pages

Now let’s focus on the 4 main factors from the above list that will have the most impact on your ability to rank in the local 3-pack.

  1. Gather Quality Reviews
    A local search survey done by BrightLocal in 2015 found that 74% of your potential customers use positive reviews to decide whether to trust a local business. Combined with the fact that Google Reviews play a large role in 3-pack rankings, you now know where to invest a majority of your time.Here are ideas for getting more positive reviews:
    • After a purchase, send an email requesting a review on Google. Try to get this done without offering any incentive.
    • Call customers and ask them to briefly share their positive thoughts about their experience. Jot down notes. Ask them if they will add their review to Google if you do the work of writing the review from your notes and emailing it them.

    Pro Tip: On the phone or through email, tell them a review helps your Google rankings. Most folks will appreciate the honesty and will want to help you out.

  2. Get Quality Local Links
    Google wants highly relevant local listings. When your site has incoming links from local sources, you look better to Google than large chains with a location in your area.Focus on getting links from local churches, Chamber of Commerce, businesses that compliment your offerings, etc.
  3. Optimize your Google My Business listing
    Although a direct link to your Google My Business page isn’t seen by searchers, this is where Google pulls most of your information from. Make sure your info is correct, especially your address, images, phone number, street view, etc.Follow these tips to best optimize your Google My Business page:
    • Select the proper business categories
    • Upload a variety of images about your business
    • Make sure you include your local phone number
    • Your address must match how you’ve listed it on local directories and your website
    • Include high resolution cover art and profile image
  4. Optimize Your Site For Mobile
    Understand that a big reason for Google’s switch from a 7-pack design to the 3-pack was their effort to optimize the mobile user’s local search experience. More people are using their phones to look up local businesses so expect Google to continue this trend.It’s vital that you use responsive design for your website. Fix this if you need to.When you want to get your business listed in Google’s local 3-pack, follow the above tips.

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