A-1 Blinds & Floors Launches New Website

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A-1 Blinds & Floors has just launched a new website with information about the products and services offered, including information about blinds and shades, flooring, cabinetry, and a portfolio and contact information for the company.

August 17, 2012 Houston, TX Blinds & Floors, with a showroom located on Richmond Avenue in Houston, has created a website with the help of Click4Corp in web design, with information about the kind and quality of work they perform. The website is user friendly and thoroughly crafted, with individual information tabs for Blinds & Shades, Flooring, Cabinetry, Portfolio, Showroom, and About Us. The homepage has an itemized list of products offered by A-1 Blinds & Floors, including stone, marble, free carpet removal, cork floors, solar shades, laminate, and much more. In addition, there are a number of services offered, including many that are free, such as free estimates, design, carpet removal, and 20-20 cabinet designs. A-1 Blinds & Floors also provides services such as in-home sales, installation of their products, raised floors, countertops, and staircases, and custom showers. There are special services offered by A-1 Blinds & Floors that the website describes, such as military and senior discounts, emergency services and repair, antique flooring, sound installation, water damage repair, and financing. The website also shows that A-1 Blinds & Floors offers a 1-year warranty in addition to the manufacturer’s warranty for all products they install. There is a virtual selection center on the right side of the homepage, enabling the customer to choose the products that they need before even contacting A-1 Blinds & Floors. The video takes the customer through all of the materials options, and shows the customer how different options would look in the home.

A-1blindsandfloors.com includes a portfolio of finished work, showing wood and laminate floors, bathroom work, a staircase, and countertops, in close-up detail so that the customer can determine whether A-1 Blinds & Floors does the kind of work they need for their home improvement projects. Under the About Us tab, there are testimonials from former customers, which are signed by the customers’ names, and include customers who have had work done on their floors and blinds. The About Us tab also explains that A-1 Blinds & Floors has dependable service, product discounts, and punctual installations with highly trained employees. The website has links to the company’s review in the Better Business Bureau, which shows that A-1 Blinds & Floors has been BBB accredited since November 18, 2010, and has a rating of A+. On a-1blindsandfloors.com, there is a link to the Dun & Bradstreet Credibility Corp Review of the company as well, and a link to the National Kitchen & Bath Association website. The brands of blinds and shades offered are listed under the Blinds & Shades tab, with links to the manufacturers’ information, and the Flooring tab links to information about flooring, tile, and carpet manufacturers. There is also a link to cabinetry manufacturers. All of this information about the product manufacturers equips the customer with information about which products fit their needs best. Finally, there is a phone number for a free consultation at the top right of the homepage.

Email: a_1blindsandfloors@yahoo.com
Reference: PRLog: 11952076

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