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October 18, 2012 Dallas, TX Action Glass Dallas is one of Dallas, Texas premier auto glass repair shops, and they now have an all-new website, Visit to explore Action Glass Dallas all-new website, featuring all you need to know about their comprehensive services.

October 18, 2012 Dallas, TX Action Glass Dallas is one of Dallas, Texas premier auto glass repair shops, and they now have an all-new website, Customers have the opportunity to view Action Glass Dallas full range of services, making it easier to learn why customers around the Dallas area trust them with their glass repair services. The new website was designed with the help of Click4Corp, a web design company, and is a visually and aesthetically pleasing representation of Action Glass Dallas quality brand. On the website, customers can learn about Action Glass Dallas comprehensive list of services, information about insurance claims, and specials. There is also a lengthy contact section which gives the location and areas that Action Glass Dallas will service.

The website also features detailed information about their wide range of services, from home glass install and repair to large-scale business glass installations. Their comprehensive range of glass services ensures you will find the right requirements for your needs. The scheduling section of the website has information about Action Glass Dallas 24-hour emergency assistance. When you call to set up an appointment, just let the customer representative know that you would like the emergency service and a qualified technician will respond to you and service your glass needs. The 24-hour emergency assistance is a great way to reduce the stress of having glass replaced by limiting the impact of the service on your day. Why wait when we are available whenever you need us? Action Glass Dallas specializes in a wide variety of glass applications, including business and home use.

They offer a wide variety of specialty glasses, including decorative and patterned, etched or beveled panes, tempered and laminated glass. In addition, there is a range of low E energy efficient glass, safety glass plate, insulated glass, and lexan polycarbonate varieties. For residential customers, Action Glass Dallas features many services, including the widely used single pane or double pane window glass, plus shelving, mirrors, patio and French doors and the ever-useful storm doors. There is a range of table tops, picture frame glass, porch and patio enclosures, and even the option of mirrored walls. The company also offers shower and tub glass, aluminum and wood-framed glass, and much more. And as always, your glass will be installed with an eye for quality, efficiency, and affordability. Action Glass Dallas features a wide variety of services, and is sure to provide you with the perfect glass solution for your needs. If you visit you can look at their wide variety of glass samples, and select the application and accompanying glass type that perfectly fits your project. Action Glass Dallas offers a large selection of services, has very competitive prices, and with the help of the 24-hour emergency assistance, you can be sure that your glass will be replaced quickly, professionally, and at an affordable price.

Give the Action Glass Dallas team a call at 972-216-5727 or email them at to schedule an appointment.

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