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Allen SEOIf you strive to get as many eyes on your business brand as possible, you will need the help of an Allen SEO company. We know the ins and outs of ranking web pages on search engines, and we have tons of experience in executing SEO campaigns for local clients.

As much effort as you put into your business, you won’t be maximizing its potential until you have a strong online presence. Here, we hope you learn the importance of SEO and gain an understanding of its power in the digital marketing realm.

SEO is all about:

Responsive Web Design

Now more than ever, people are using their cell phones to research brands and purchase products. If not through their cell, then their tablet. A business must make its website responsive on all technology platforms if it wants to retain visitors. Factors like loading speed and formatting need to be consistent throughout.

Click4Corp’s team of web design experts ensures a client website is responsive across all platforms. That means desktops, all versions of tablets and all versions of smartphones. We will not let poor loading speed or formatting be a reason for visitors to leave your website.

Keyword Research

The heart and soul of SEO is keyword research. Relentless pursuits to find the ideal keywords or phrases for your business fuels Allen SEO. We have the tools to monitor search volumes, assess the success rate of certain keywords, and adhere to search engine algorithms. A combination of knowledge and metrics will have your web pages and the top of search rankings!

It’s important to understand that keyword research takes a lot of time. If you want your business to thrive from an SEO standpoint, keyword research cannot be a “I’ll get to it when I can” type of task. It needs to be a priority. That’s why delegating such a task to a professional SEO company is a bright idea.

On-Site Optimization

Web pages must be guided by a focus keyword and they must be presentable on search engine results pages. Through effective on-site optimization, keywords are used strategically. They are included in the page title, the meta description, the alternate text for images, and throughout the content. At the same time, keywords should not be overused.

Search engines are very picky. The Allen SEO experts who constantly monitor search engine updates and guidelines will give your website the best chance to rank. We’ll make sure every page is optimized to meet Google’s standards and to enhance the user experience.

Content Writing

They say content is the king of SEO. Having written this post, I’d like to offer my support to that theory. Content goes hand in hand with design in forming a website. Though, while design will need some tweaking over time, consistently introducing fresh content to the world is what keeps search engines on their toes.

Quality content contributes to domain authority, and domain authority factors heavily into search engine rankings. Our content writers are grammatically sound. They understand the importance of creating engaging posts and pages, and implementing the ever-important specific keywords.

Local 3-Pack

In your web browsing experience, you’ve surely noticed the three rows of stores towards the top of the results page when searching a product or service. That’s called the local 3-pack.

The local 3-pack consists of a map pinpointing the locations of three stores that are potentially helpful to your search inquiry. Below the map, the name of each company is listed, along with a phone number, hours of operation, customer reviews, and an address. Businesses that are signed up for Google local listings qualify for the local 3-pack.

It’s our job as an Allen SEO company to get your business signed up and to have it populate as part of the 3-pack when specific keywords are searched. Your business will benefit from great exposure if that can be accomplished.

Lead Generation

Lead generation facilitates the visitor-turned-customer process. Through SEO analysis, we will be able to tell which visitors showed interest in your products and/or services. It goes beyond someone clicking onto the website, focusing more so on which visitors subscribed to your email list, filled out a contact form or submitted a request for an estimate (if you’re in a business that does estimates).

That information will be provided to you and then it’s your job to complete the sale. Of course, visitors are more likely to generate leads if your website is inviting, helpful and easy to navigate—all facets of Allen SEO and web design come full circle.

Why choose Click4Corp?

Three words: Commitment, Experience, Communication.

Committed staff

We operate to grow your business, it’s that simple. Our team of web designers, web developers, content writers, social media experts and Allen SEO gurus place your business as our top priority. We don’t step off the gas for as long as you’re with us.

Just as with any team, we wouldn’t be putting forth our best effort if we didn’t share the same goal. The good thing is we do share the same goal. You will be working with a team of devoted digital marketing experts who work together to help grow what you started.


Businesses don’t last for 19 years if they do a poor job. That’s how long Click4Corp has been in the digital marketing business. We’ve withstood and prevailed through the countless technological changes over the years. We’re always up-to-date with the latest Allen SEO trends and web design plugins. Our services are modern, not outdated.

Experience speaks to trust. You won’t be dealing with anyone who is new to the digital marketing space. Furthermore, our staff always stays ahead of the game, fully focused on making your business brand more visible.


It’s a partnership. You trust in us and we trust in you. As such, we will always keep you informed as to how the different marketing strategies are performing. We monitor much of our work through Google Analytics. You can do the same if you request access. Either way, we will routinely communicate with you about various statistics.

You will know which keywords are performing well and which ones are not. We’ll discuss your PPC campaigns and budget if that’s a digital marketing route you’d like to take. A business operating on the same page will always have a greater chance at success.

Need More Information?

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Allen SEOIt all starts with a great web design. That’s the fun part, right? Words are helpful and important, but it’s a cool design that grabs a visitor’s attention. Our web design experts certainly have an eye for what’s inviting. Color schemes, logo designs, imagery… everything is accounted for and placed to create an outstanding result.

We also stay alert to new themes and plugins that can enhance a website’s design and functionality. The majority of our websites are created through WordPress. WordPress introduces new themes and plugins on a routine basis; it’s a content management system that simplifies start-up and maintenance for its users.

Before we go live with your brand-new website, we will of course run it by you to confirm your satisfaction. Once we get the green light from you, it’s go time!

Fresh Content

We touched on it earlier, but let us remind you that fresh content is the key to relevance! Publishing blog posts, new pages, press releases, etc., will keep your website in Google’s line of site. That’s why our content writers publish content throughout the month for client websites.

The articles will publish to your website and we’ll be sure to promote them on social media as well. Our social media covers Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Instagram, and Snapchat.

All articles are optimized. Every time an article is published, it will be indexed across search engines. The goal is for each article to rank on the first page of search engine results when the focus keyword is searched. If an article ranks for other keywords, well, that’s just a nice bonus for Allen SEO.

What is the main takeaway here?

Progress will not be made unless your website is producing fresh content.

Research and Measurement

Keyword research never stops. Through our tools and knowledge, we’ll always find keywords to take advantage of. Again, that’s the heart and soul of SEO. Website design essentially stays constant, as do lead generation techniques. But it’s SEO and content that keep both users and search engines engaged.

For those reasons, we cannot afford to stop our SEO efforts on your behalf, or ours. If you want a leg up on your competition, expert Allen SEO is the way to go. We research keywords, we measure the performances of keywords, and we adjust as needed.

All our services play into your business’ marketing campaigns. Keyword research, content creation, backlinking, PPC, and so much more goes into creating a more powerful online presence for your business.

Additional Services

Video Creation

It always helps to have visuals, especially for businesses that sell products. Click4Corp has expertise in video creation. We can create videos for your web pages and blog posts. We can also publish them to your business’ social media accounts.

Videos give visitors a break from the content; they also give visitors perspective as to how a certain product can be applied to their everyday lives. For example, it’s easier to appreciate a quartz countertop by seeing it than reading about it. You can appreciate its appeal through the video but learn about it through the content.

A video will also contribute to the chances of a web page ranking high on search engines. How so? Because search engines like Google know how much people enjoy videos. Allen SEO efforts will pay off with video inclusion. They can be shared on Facebook, liked and retweeted on Twitter… video creation can be a powerful source for your brand.

Web Hosting

Allen SEOEvery business website needs hosting. Web hosting keeps all matters of a website tidy through monitored site speed, updated software, antivirus software and technical support. Imagine how much business you could lose if your site goes offline for an hour. Or, imagine the effect a slow loading website would have on business. A hosting site prevents setbacks.

Call Tracking Service

Call tracking lets us know the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns. We’re able to determine which marketing source is leading to a given phone call. Was call triggered by an ad? By a “Contact Us” form? By brochure? As a result, we’ll know which marketing campaigns are working and which ones are not.

Calls can be tracked through Google Adwords, Bing, Facebook, directories, emails, ad sites, partner sites and SMS campaigns. You will of course be able to track them just as we will. We’ll offer tips on what to look for and what means what when it comes to tracking.

Reputation Management

Allen SEO and all other marketing tactics are much easier to execute when helped by a good reputation. A business with a good reputation has no limits, while a business with a bad reputation may have to tread water for a while before turning things around.

There is always going to be that one customer that you just can’t satisfy. There is also always going to be that one product that malfunctioned or that one customer service experience that went haywire. These things happen over the course of years of business.

Click4Corp can help! Through reverse search internet optimization, we can repair any negative feedback left by a customer. We can overcome bad reviews about your website left on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. We can boost ratings through positive reviews. Our company has the tools and resources to maintain a positive reputation for your business.


By now we hope you have a grasp on how Click4Corp’s digital marketing services can help your business. You can perform the day-to-day operations of your company to perfection; however, you won’t be maximizing your business’ potential until you dominate online.

When someone is interested in a product or service, the first thing they do it search for it online. It’s our job as an expert Allen SEO company to make your business website meet that person’s search criteria (if applicable to your products and/or services).

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