Alsafa Mediterranean Grill Launches New Website

Halal Meats and Traditional Mediterranean Dishes

Alsafa Mediterranean Grill opened in 2009 and has been serving its customers in Katy, Texas, quality halal meats and traditional Mediterranean dishes ever since.

Alsafa Mediterranean Grill opened in 2009 and has been serving its cusAlsafa Mediterranean Grilltomers in Katy, Texas, quality halal meats and traditional Mediterranean dishes ever since. They recently launched in order to provide more information to their new and existing customers. August 17, 2012 Katy, TX Alsafa Mediterranean Grill is an authentic Mediterranean grocery store and restaurant run by friendly staff with nearly twenty years’ experience. The website has information about the restaurant menu, its grocery offerings, and specific information about the meat and produce. In addition, there are links to a gallery of photographs and testimonials from previous customers, and an About Us and Contact Us portion of the website. The restaurant and grocery on South Mason Road in Katy, Texas, has been open for customers since June 2009, and the website has been designed with the help Click4Corp to reach out to existing customers, along with new customers who are interested in authentic Mediterranean food. Customers can dine in at Alsafa Mediterranean Grill or get take-out, or they can simply shop for ingredients and Mediterranean essentials in the grocery store. shows the menu of the restaurant, including kabobs, sandwiches, salads, and take home beef, chicken, or beef kufta kebob dinners. There is a description of each of the dishes in addition to the prices of each dish, so that the customer can decide what to choose before even going to the restaurant. The Restaurant tab has pictures of the dine-in restaurant, and coupons that customers can use at the restaurant, including specials for falafels and gyros. There is a link for the grocery section of the Alsafa Mediterranean Grill that has photos of the grocery, which showcase the offerings and brands available. There are also pictures of the meat available at the grocery under its own Meat tab, with coupons for lamb, goat, ground beef, and rice. The Produce tab has pictures of the produce available at the market, and there is an additional Gallery tab with lots of pictures of the Alsafa Mediterranean Grill, the grocery, the halal meats, and the staff of the grill.

The two pages of photographs inform the customer about what they can expect from Alsafa Mediterranean Grill. There are many signed testimonials on the Testimonials tab that show experiences that previous customers have had at Alsafa Mediterranean Grill. The testimonials highlight the shawarma and hummus, the halal butcher, and the gyros in the restaurant. One of the testimonials speaks about the imported sodas and the variety of Mediterranean offerings despite the small size of the grocery and restaurant. Another testimonial talks about the speed of the food preparation. The About Us tab talks about the experience of Alsafa Mediterranean Grill’s staff and the restaurant’s vision for their food and grocery. It shows that the grocery store seeks to make its customers at ease with the convenience of the experience, and talks about the wide selection of the grocery that testimonials affirmed. There is a Contact Us tab, which has a map location of the restaurant, the address and phone number, and a form for customers to fill out.

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