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Quality Heating System For Your Home

Corsicana, TX – feeling the coldness in the air? And you need a quality heating system for your home or simply wanted that perfect air conditioning, providing a sure comfort and care for you and your family!

Here is Area Wide Services Inc. to serve you! Getting that perfect HVAC unit and Commercial refrigeration for your home and business is tricky and without the help of someone who knows a lot about how this systems goes you can spend a fortune without the proper knowledge! And cut the cost for up to 80 percent! For a quick and efficient installation trust the experts and when repairs are needed this where it begins! Whether your needs are residential or commercial they offer substantial value with their knowledgeable and professional staff to see to your indoor comfort needs. They have a wide range of products as well that can suit your every needs! They have different kinds of air filtration systems, steamers and humidifier available. Great news! For senior citizens and veterans!

You may now avail a discount from Area Wide Services Inc.and now their service goes with Major Heating Preventative Maintenance that is provided with Check for gas leaks at furnace, Insure all safeties are functional, Clean flame sensor, Inspect igniter for abnormal wear, Tighten all electrical connections, Check amp draws, Test capacitors, Check blower motor and wheel, Insure flue pipe is intact and safe, Blow out drain if necessary, Check gas valve for proper operation, Inspect and clean evaporator coil w/ chemicals if necessary (in place), Check temperature rise of furnace, Insure proper thermostat operation, Change air filter (if customer provided). And for their Major Cooling Preventative Maintenance (Spring) they have Check refrigerant level (FREON), Clean rinse out outdoor condenser coils, use chemicals if necessary, Test capacitors, Check contactors for pitting, Inspect outdoor electrical disconnect, Check amp draws, Test compressor windings, Tighten electrical connections, Inspect outdoor fan motor for overheating, Treat drain pan and line with tablets, blow out if necessary, Check blower motor and wheel, Inspect and clean evaporator coil w/ chemicals if necessary (in place), Check temperature differential for cooling, Insure proper thermostat operation, Change air filter (if customer provided).

Everyone knows that a clean air is a must to have a good health it not only gives us healthy beneficial but it allows us to breathe easier by eliminating harmful particles brought about in the air! At times air conditioning is also use to keep sterility in establishments like hospital operating rooms to keep a stable temperature to keep airborne infection out of the area. The air in your home maybe affecting the health and comfort of your family. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), American Lung Association (ALA) and American Heart Association (AHA), All Agreed that exposure to airborne fine particles impairs breathing and increases the risk of asthma attack, stroke, heart attack and other serious illnesses. With the highest clean air delivery rate in the industry, but with the use of American Standard Accu Clean, in a whole house air filtration system, may lower the risk of serious health outcomes and mortality due to airborne fine particle exposure by 34 percent compared with the use of a standard 1-inch filter found in most home central heating and cooling systems.

As vast as Area Wide Services Inc. offers are they now have provided a state-of-the-art website to keep their clients informed at hand with the help of Click4Corp that specializes in Web Hosting and Web Designing providing a functional website that allows businesses to promote and enhance their capabilities through reaching out on the web all in just a click away!

Area Wide Services Inc. is available at Mondays to Fridays at 7:30 AM to 6:00 PM or simply give them a call at 903-874-0619, for direct information for questions and suggestions kindly check out their site at

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