5 Content Marketing Trends to Keep in Mind for 2021

As content marketing continues to evolve, it only makes sense for you to note all past trends to understand better the upcoming trends and patterns that can guide your content marketing strategy in the coming years.

Keep in mind that we live on the edge of evolution, and the way to success is to keep up with all the current trends in the industry! The field of content marketing is maturing at a high rate, and professional marketers need to ensure that their content marketing campaigns and strategies are in sync with the latest industry trends. What is trendy right now may become outdated tomorrow since all trends keep emerging every year. Above everything, you need to keep in mind that good content will always be good content. Your content needs to resonate with your target audience to ensure you stand out from the crowd. So, let us now dive in and take a look at the top content marketing trends that dominate this realm in 2021.


Content marketing helps ensure a profitable business

In 2020, several companies recognized the significance and benefits of incorporating a sound content marketing strategy as a critical part of their marketing strategies. It has transformed into a business game plan with several measurable metrics that help you determine the success of your efforts in terms of ROI, profitability, growth, etc.

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Many great content marketing experts are now thinking of content as a critical factor that offers access to metrics like pipeline contribution, customer retention, etc.

Content originality, quality, and personalization will be critical

When you, as a professional, think of creating quality content, what is the first thought that crosses your mind? Creating a white paper, writing a blog or making a viral video related to your brand and its offerings?

Currently, content marketing is all about creating unique and exciting content that people wish to engage with. You need to step away from boasting about your services and products and start creating informative and meaningful content people love to watch, read, or listen to. Google has recently updated its ranking factor to providing relevant results to its users. You can no longer stuff your content with essential keywords since it will not help you going forward anymore.

To help you better create high-quality content, we suggest you follow what all big brands are doing in the marketing field. For example, Apple has spent $1 billion on original content. Even PepsiCo has recently opened a brand-new content creation studio in New York. As long as you provide users with good quality original content, you are good to go!

Forget about traditional ads, sponsored posts, and branded emails because they are not effective anymore. If you do not have interesting and valuable content in 2021, you will fall short.

Hyper-personalization of your marketing content is another aspect that you can look forward to. Providing your audience with content that tells them exactly what they want to know is like hitting the perfect mark.

Virtual events work wonders.

The pandemic has made virtual the new normal in the year 2020. Many brands have started to reach their audiences via virtual meetings. As we advance, you can expect to see more virtual events organized since it helps you reach out to a better-targeted audience and provide them with good quality content and much better content delivery.

You need to remember, if you wish to get traction for your brand, you must deliver meaningful content to your audience since potential customers will only be attracted to virtual events if they notice any value being provided.

Incorporate visuals and video content pieces

Visuals and videos will stay, and your business will not be able to survive without them. It is the favorite content marketing trend for several professional marketers in 2021. Surveys show that 91% of buyers (B2B) prefer getting information via interactive video and visual content. Several advertising channels like Facebook have also shown interest in the organic and paid placement of video and graphic content, thanks to their higher engagement rates.

Remember that videos tend to get 135% more organic traffic than regular images, link posts, and status on any media platform. So, if you have still not prioritized videos in your marketing strategy, now is the perfect time for you. Add visuals and videos to your content to make it more meaningful and attractive to your target audience.

The boon of influencer marketing

Using social media influencers to help you promote your brand or product is the number one trend in 2021. Several luxury brands have been taking advantage of influencer marketing on multiple social media platforms for several years.

The most important reason why you need to engage with influencers is that you need to focus on delivering your brand message via a media platform that is much more authentic and reliable than any other form of media advertising. Brands also need to employ their loyal customers to voice their services and products by sharing their experience with their offerings. Your audience will relate well to such stories since they come from someone like themselves.

As a professional marketer, you cannot afford to risk your firm’s overall profitability by ignoring the effectiveness of content marketing. As long as you follow these trends, you will indeed watch your sales grow higher than ever before! We suggest you invest in content marketing before you fall behind if you haven’t already.

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