When is the best time of day to send an email?

Best time of day to send an email

In our most recent blog post, we deemed Tuesday the best day of the week to send an email. Now, we want to cover the best time of the day to send an email. There is more to email strategy than you might think. If you want a timely response then you should send emails around…

10 AM

Think about it, how does a typical Dallas, TX work day transpire? Let’s assume a general 9 AM-5 PM job…you show up, toss your lunch in the breakroom refrigerator, catch up with a few employees about last night’s game or a certain TV show, then you go and grab a cup of coffee. By the time you’re at your desk ready to begin the workday, it’s 9:30!

Send An EmailAnd what is the first thing the majority of us working folks do at the start of the workday? We check email. Sending an email at 10 AM will likely catch someone as they are reviewing other emails and also before they get into the nitty gritty of their job responsibilities. The goal is to match the exact science of sending an email to someone as he/she is transitioning from “settling in” to “time to get to work”.

Furthermore, it’s better to send an email when you know the person you are sending the email to is in the office. Sending one overnight is not going to carry the same sense of urgency as sending one during the workday. Sending an email at the end of the workday is not a good idea either. Most workers want to end the day on their own terms, not by doing favors for others. It’s very likely that any request in the late afternoon will be acted on the next day.

Are 10 AM emails best every day of the work week?

Yes, but with the exception of Monday. Mondays tend to be the busiest day of the week. Weekends are much needed breaks; however, it seems clients and customers don’t always account for employee weekends or just don’t care to wait until the work week begins. Some jobs are so email-reliant that an employee may spend half the day working through them, especially after a weekend.

Therefore, it is best to have some Monday courtesy. Unless the email is urgent, give the individual a break by not piling on one more email to his/her hectic day. Plus, from a selfish perspective, the busier someone is, the less likely that person will be to work your email.

If you absolutely must send an email on Monday, do so around 2 PM. By that time, the Monday madness should settle and you will have a better shot at getting an email response. If you work a more calming job or within a lesser-hectic industry in Dallas, TX then perhaps none of these email guidelines apply to you. In fact, if that is the case for you, you’re probably safe to send an email at any point throughout the day.

What about email campaigns?

Email campaigns are a little different from the workplace structure. They consist of sending promotional and advertising emails, along with newsletters directly to consumers. The key here is to send emails at the time of day in which the average person will be glancing at their phone, free from responsibility.

Thus, lunch times—12 PM-2 PM—are opportune times to execute email campaigns. Also, later in the evening when people’s days have settled down. Because the majority of the population now gets email alerts via their smartphones, it’s best to avoid sending emails in the middle of the night. You certainly don’t want to wake someone up at 2:00 in the morning with a company email. Such an instance will likely result in that person unsubscribing from the email campaign.

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