How to Use Content Marketing to Convert Leads into Customers

3 Ideas for How to Use Content Marketing

Content marketing can provide your company with countless opportunities to increase sales. Let’s explore 3 ideas for how to use content marketing to convert leads into customers.Content Marketing

    1. Use Content Marketing to Earn Trust and Overcome Objections

      What objections does your company have to overcome before a prospective client will purchase from you? Create content that resolves each possible objection and earns their trust:

      • Demonstrate your company’s expertise.
      • If your prices are higher than your competitors’, create content demonstrating the superior quality of your materials, ingredients, or processes.
      • Show prospective customers how you stand behind your products or services.
      • Explain your policies for shipping, returns, and other areas where objections frequently arise.
      • Connect with your prospective customers emotionally.
    2. Use Content Marketing to Harness the Extraordinary Powers of Social Proof

      People prefer to eat in the most popular restaurants, wear the trendiest clothing, and shop where other people are shopping. If you can show them that huge numbers of satisfied customers are already shopping with you, they’ll be much more likely to become your clients as well. Here are a few actionable steps you can take to create content that utilizes social proof to convert leads into paying customers:

      • Highlight positive customer testimonials and reviews.
      • Showcase your best-selling products.
      • Reveal your most impressive sell-through statistics. You sold out of a hot new product in less than 15 minutes after launch, and you’re filling a waitlist for your next delivery? This situation is a social proof gold mine.
      • Post case studies showing how one of your current customers used your company’s products or services to solve a problem, overcome a challenge, increase their profitability or derive some other important benefit.
    3. Answer Questions Your Prospective Customers Are Too Embarrassed to Ask

Perhaps your company helps customers solve embarrassing problems:

    • They’re constipated; your company sells herbal remedies that help them get things flowing again.
    • They suffer from incontinence; your company sells adult diapers.

People in situations like this aren’t shy about searching the internet for the information they need, but they may be reluctant to explain their problems to one of your salespeople. This is understandable. Would you explain your most intimate problems to a stranger? Probably not.
Content marketing offers your best opportunity to show these people how your company’s products or services will help them in a way that’s supportive, comfortable, and non-intrusive. In many cases, you can set up your website to answer all their questions without them ever even needing to have interaction with a human being. You can give them the opportunity to solve their problem without sacrificing their privacy or dignity.

Take Action Now to Increase Your Conversions Without Increasing the Size of Your Sales Force

Now that you’re empowered with a better understanding of how to use content marketing to convert leads into customers, it’s time to get started. You can see how simple and powerful this concept is. We’ve helped countless other businesses increase their conversion rates without adding additional members to their sales teams. We are confident that we can help your business implement a high-converting content strategy too. Get in touch with us to harness the power of content marketing today.

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