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cross testingUsers have many options when it comes to choosing a browser, and your website needs to be adapted to all of them, naturally. This mean there is more work to be done to make sure your customers and potential clients can access all the information you have to offer. When creating a website there is an element of quality control that needs to be addressed. Cross browser testing is a major part of this quality control but is not necessarily one of the first things a developer thinks to optimize. It is because this optimization is often put on the back burner that we have decided to talk about it!

Cross browser testing is used to ensure that the funcionality and styling of a website is the same on multiple platforms, operating systems, and devices. To start testing it is good to have a control test where you use your preferred browser and note all the aspects of the site and its functionality to use as a reference to the other test subjects. Making note of issues in this phase allows you to recognize them in other tests as well. A good set of browsers/devices to use is Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, (multiple versions, 7-11) Android devices, iPhone, Windows Phone, Blackberry, and iPad/other Tablets. This gives you a wide scope of platforms that customers will likely be using to access your account with. Also make sure to focus most your testing on elements of the websites that use JavaScript or any back-end programming, such as the interactive elements on the website.

Browsers are constantly updated and changing so it is a good habit to repeat these tests as new versions come out to make sure that your site is optimized for as many users as possible!

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