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Plano, TX Click4Corp has been designing web pages for years; in fact, they are one of the most experienced web designers around. Their years of experience give them the knowledge to bring in more customers on a regular basis.

This service has proven itself time and again for every type of business. Whether it’s large companies like law firms, production companies, and shipping companies, or smaller, local businesses like garages, flower shops, and diners, the results are impossible to argue with. Click4Corp uses what’s called search engine optimization along with their designing. Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the process of generating activity, or hits, for a webpage. More hits means more business. This process is comparable to television ads, where people see a commercial for a good or service they didn’t know was available and become interested. In today’s society though, commercials are all but extinct. With digital video recorders in almost every home, fast forwarding through commercials has become the norm. SEO is a much more modern version of the same principle.

Ensuring certain keywords are used in the description of the company means that when these items are searched for, the desired company is among the top results. For example, a pizza parlor in New York may be advertising a friendly environment with quality pizza. Without adding words like “pasta,” “family oriented,” and “clean environment,” people who search for these specific qualities online would not even be aware of the pizza parlor. Search engine optimization is more than making sure all the right words have been used, however. Search engines like Google have a checklist of things they look for before displaying results. A web design company is familiar with all these factors and stays on top of them to keep their clients among the top. For instance, one of the things Google checks for before displaying results is how often the web page is updated. A web site that has not been altered since June of 2010 will be farther down the list than a similar company who has updated their website this week.

Click4Corp updates their websites regularly to reflect changes in policies, menus, and much more. Another factor Google takes into account before posting results is how many times certain links are clicked. If a company that sells tires gets more hits than other tire retailers, then they will be among the top ranked results. Given this information, it’s easy to see that once Click4Corp has established the new website, and generated enough hits to get the website to the top, it stays at the top. Knowing this does not mean Click4Corp stops there, however. They remain persistent with updates. It’s one thing to go viral for a week, and another thing entirely to stay at the top, week after week, month after month. When it comes to business today, being available on the Internet is a must, but it’s not enough. Click4Corp makes sure their clients are not only available, but also seen regularly. As time progresses, more people will begin to do everything they can online from the convenience of home. Thanks to Click4Corp, those people will still be able to find the services they need easily.

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