E-Commerce and Your Business

E-Commerce Business Website In the UK, 1979, 38 year old Michael Aldrich put together Videotex, a sort of online shopping system. It displayed information on a television screen sent through a phone line, this was the advent of online orders, banking, and e-commerce....

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Dallas Responsive Design Experts

Unique Responsive Website for Different Platforms Responsiveness will make or break your website. Hands down, it is one of the most important optimizations that must be done to a website. Search engines are not looking for mobile sites anymore, the focus is a single...

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Website Cross Browser Testing

Elements of the Websites Users have many options when it comes to choosing a browser, and your website needs to be adapted to all of them, naturally. This mean there is more work to be done to make sure your customers and potential clients can access all the...

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The Importance of Design

Website's Functionality A Website's functionality is only half the job, if you want to keep substantial traffic interested in your site you need to appeal today's design standards. This infographic from instantshift.com shows how certain elements of design on your...

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Planning and Goal Setting

Complex Architecture and Design Why should you plan your website? Because just like everything else in a business or organization, it is essential. Without careful planning, you can find yourself at the end of a project looking at many careless errors that could have...

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