How Is Artificial Intelligence Transforming Digital Marketing?

Artificial Intelligence is transforming the digital marketing space, and it is happening rapidly. It won’t be incorrect to say that AI is impacting almost every area of life. A recent survey reveals that close to 80% of business executives expect to embrace AI approaches in the coming years. The remaining 20% seem to have selected the wrong options.

AI is rendering digital marketers with near-superhuman abilities to enrich customer experiences, process heaps of data, strengthen SEO, and so much more.

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What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is an umbrella term that defines how computers can be prepared to mimic human behaviors. It is basically a complex system of algorithms and codes that can perform tasks otherwise requiring human intelligence. While you may only think of chatbots when talking about AI, the technology actually encompasses and lot more. As it is advancing, we are learning about all the new fields AI can cater to.

AI is an area of computer science that aims to identify, understand and produce new intelligent machines that execute tasks depending on the data fed to them. From ideating to execution and everything in between, AI can assist all processes. However, it isn’t a replacement for human supervision but a worthy assistant to help automate processes, re-strategize campaigns, and boost ROI.

AI And Digital Marketing Overview

Artificial Intelligence is helping professionals streamline and optimize marketing campaigns. It can further eliminate human errors, but you would still need that human touch to personalize your campaigns genuinely. A machine cannot imitate compassion, empathy, and storytelling. But it can help you enjoy higher marketing agility, gain helpful consumer insights, and have enhanced cost efficiencies. A lot of innovative approaches can affect the industry significantly as AI enters into the mainstream.

7 Indisputable Ways AI Is Transforming Digital Marketing

AI has continued to be a buzzword for all good reasons. It has penetrated so many areas of life and reached a point where it seems completely normal, rather revolutionary. AI can give your brand the much-needed edge and expansion in today’s competitive business setting. It has massive capabilities, and below is how this ground-breaking technology is transforming the digital marketing arena:

  1. Web Designing

How strong are your coding skills? Do you know how to navigate through popular website-building platforms? What are the different website elements that will complete your site and make it look professional?

If these and other aspects of website designing seem overwhelming, AI has your back. A popular website building platform like WIX uses Artificial Intelligence to ease your stress, build unique websites, and increase the chances of conversion.

  1. Content Curation and Generation

Yes, AI can generate engaging, informative, and innovative content like a pro! Some popular publications like Forbes and Associated Press use tools like Articoolo and Wordsmith that do the same.

Besides content generation, content curation is another powerful strategy that gets you good returns on your investment. Thus, you can also use AI to curate content similar to your interests with tools like Concured and BuzzSumo. This way, you can better plan your content calendar.

Since content generation may be challenging for many marketers, AI-enabled content curation approaches can help produce content on a larger scale and in much less time.

  1. Personalized Online Ads

What even is digital marketing without the use of online ads? Sure, it doesn’t make the entire experience but is a crucial aspect of the digital scenario. Today, most ads seen on the internet are powered by a complex, AI-enabled delivery system. This system facilitates the buying and selling of online advertisement spaces where transactions happen in under milliseconds.

In the past, this required comprehensive research to choose the right ad platform for marketing a brand. Today, AI reduces the marketer’s load with its incredible research abilities so professionals can focus on other essential tasks.

  1. Increased Personalization in User Experience

What makes for a fantastic user experience? Personalization -today, tomorrow, and always! Personalization is the new cool and the new normal, made possible with Artificial Intelligence.

AI can collect and analyze tons of data about a million people’s likes, dislikes, interests, and behaviors, making personalization easier and relevant. In the end, the higher and better your personalization efforts, the more improved your conversions and customer relationships get.

  1. Application of AI-Powered Chatbots

Chatbots are game-changers, but AI-powered chatbots are next level. They can answer human queries accurately and timely without demanding human intervention. AI-powered chatbots can afford 24/7/365 customer support for positive engagement, utmost satisfaction, and increased customer retention.

With chatbots in the scene, customers can get immediate responses to their queries and concerns so that the human support agents can concentrate on critical thinking issues. It also reduces your costs incurred in round-the-clock live agent support.

  1. The Next Big Thing for E-commerce

AI can do it all for e-commerce business owners when utilized adequately. From building a website and content generation to managing inventory and providing excellent customer support, AI plays a crucial role in assisting these processes. It can further support market research, sales forecast, and look up customer trends.

  1. Automating Email Marketing Campaigns

Auto-generated emails are a savior. But can they suffice the needs of tailor-made email marketing campaigns? People expect to encounter personalized emails that also sound relevant. AI has a huge role to play here. It can help customize your email campaigns by assessing tons of related data to draft emails that are more likely to convert.

Artificial Intelligence – The Future of Digital Marketing

AI is much more accessible for businesses today than ever before. It is an invaluable tool for marketers to influence customer preferences, provide relevant recommendations, and offer timely support services. You can try different AI techniques to grow your brand and exceed customer expectations.

With all that said, no matter how tech-driven digital marketing processes become, human supervision cannot be understated even in the coming times. If you already haven’t invested in AI resources, now is the time you must. You will not be disappointed.

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