Websites Help Establish More Customers

Your Internet Presence Helps your Digital Marketing 

Online businessThink of a website like an employee that works for you ALL THE TIME with no breaks, including weekends and holidays! An employee that caters to that huge audience of people who surf the internet in the evening when most businesses are closed.  On top of that, there are 247 million Americans that regularly use the Internet, and around the world, internet use is in excess of two billion. Tapping into this pool is easy once you have established your internet presence!

In the case of small business, the increased customer base lead to an average of $1.07 million more per year than the businesses not online (according to the Small Business Administration.) This much of a revenue jump is too good to pass up. It comes down to the ability to manage your website. Social media and SEO (search engine optimization) play a key part in driving potential customers to your site. A good tool to help you understand the effects of your website would be an analytics service like that being provided by Google Analytics. These services supply you with info on how many hits your site gets, where they are coming from, and sales demographics as well. It is always beneficial to maintain an analytics service so you don’t feel like you are throwing money out to the wind, and rather something is showing you where the money is going. Like all marketing, a bad advertisement does not entice people. Your website has to be attractive, user friendly, and promotes the visitors to come back. SEO and social media can do a good job driving the traffic toward your site, but ultimately it is the website’s job to maintain the traffic.
Adapting the site and changing it to adjust to the needs of your target customer often helps in this process. From the design aspect, you can have lots of fun making decisions on how a website will appear and reflect your business. You want the website to tell people who you are and what you do, and this information can be delivered through even things as little as what color a navigation bar is, or where tabs are located on the page.  The website is a toolkit with almost unlimited potential to direct the numerous customers to you without the barriers of distance and other obstacles.

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