Why Do Companies Turn To Digital Marketing to Survive COVID-19?

In an article about the almost-total disappearance of traditional marketing channels amid the Covid-19 crisis, Forbes mentioned how only digital strategies put in place by businesses would decide whether or not they make it to the end of the ongoing contingencies.

Well, that is quite a bold and thought-provoking statement.

Why Do Companies Turn To Digital Marketing to Survive COVID-19?While experts have indeed predicted the collapse of traditional media channels due to technological advancements, expecting massive marketing destruction by the outbreak of an infectious virus wasn’t on the charts.

Today, as the pandemic continues to rage all around the globe, regular routines and consumer behaviors are disrupting, giving rise to a new (digital) normal.

Until about a few months ago, deciding to invest in SEO and social media campaigns seemed confusing and like uncharted waters. However, the current situation provides much clarity on the need for digital marketing strategies to navigate through the stormy seas of the pandemic.

Role of Digital Marketing in the Times of a Crisis

Several big and small companies shut their operations worldwide, and millions are still struggling to keep up with their business goals. However, companies are now turning to digital marketing services to survive the pandemic as eyes balls shift from physical spaces to personal devices.

Although the shift has been steadily taking place, with the average American adult spending half of their waking time in front of screens, the screen time is only increasing in the wake of shelter-in-place protocols due to the pandemic. Besides, as brick-and-mortar stores cease to exist, digital marketers are gearing themselves up with a bunker full of skills and strategies. Those with the proper knowledge and expertise already know how to think on their toes when a disaster hits.

Now is the time to reallocate your budget and embrace the benefits of digital marketing channels. Fortunately, the results are authentic, personalized, instantaneous, and real-time. Also, since digital marketing is a cost-effective alternative to traditional techniques, businesses can potentially boost their online presence, reach a global and local audience, build trust, and promote their offerings.

The Covid-19 pandemic makes us realize that while operating under a brick and mortar model may be your only means, it restricts your opportunities. Ones who gladly accepted the digital market brought about a revolutionary change to their brands during this economic pitfall.

In short, you do not have to cut down your strategies or have them replaced entirely – it is only about readjusting to the current trends and strategizing for the future. Digital marketing isn’t just a safety net; it is a way to help you stay prepared for another global crisis and thrive in the toughest of times.

Sure, things would get back to normal once the situation settles, but the future remains uncertain and unforeseeable, and the reliance on technology is ever-increasing

Digital platforms are here to stay, and consumers would also prefer digitized channels in the future, thus, ensuring a long-term change.

Innovative Marketing Strategies to Survive the Pandemic

We understand that the field of digital marketing may be a newer territory for you. Getting started with something outside your comfort zone amidst the already stressful times might feel overly complicated. You could already be trying to boost your web marketing channels but are not getting favorable results.

But shifting towards providing a successful virtual experience is the need of the hour. “Doing Digital” is the key to continued growth and engagement with existing and potential customers in the virtual world.

When traditional marketing channels fail, businesses turn digital. So, we will help you understand the digital strategies to implement to revamp your business for good.

  1. Boost your online presence

It goes without saying. Now is the time to increase your digital presence, or you can face challenging situations. So, rethink and recreate your online strategies and shift different business functions online, including logistics, marketing, and sales.

  1. Rethink your Website design

Do you know that having a functional and interactive website is an important marketing tool? If you do not have one, talk to a trusted website design company near you and get yourself a platform to showcase your brand online. But if you do have a website, time for a strict website audit to get the platform up and running according to today’s scenario.

  1. Focus on mobile development

To boost your brand’s visibility and target customers on the go, take your efforts to the next level with mobile development tactics. It builds a direct connection with the existing customers and helps gain a wider audience as well.

  1. Draft SEO and Content Marketing strategies

Although the two are different concepts, they go hand in hand, like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Content marketing efforts help provide value to the online audience, and SEO best practices assist search engines like Google determine that value. Both models combine to fuel your digital presence on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) and address the emerging concerns of businesses trying to succeed online.

  1. Overhaul your communication strategy

Rethink your emails and newsletters. Besides, redo the content calendar, ads, webinars, podcasts, and other communication approaches, keeping current priorities in mind. Understand what your audience expects during the crisis and stay as relevant as you can. In addition, concentrate on providing value, stay mindful, and don’t promise to over-deliver in times when global economies are coming to a standstill.

  1. Create paid search campaigns

It would be apt to say that search engines are the way to the World Wide Web. With appropriate paid search or Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing campaigns, any business can be positioned to appear in the search queries of their potential customers. You can obtain anticipated outcomes and scale up or down based on your budget.

  1. Implement social media marketing solutions

Social media effectively helps you connect with your target audience and build better relationships with potential customers. It boosts brand awareness, makes you more relatable, and offers you the possibility of an overnight transformation.

Time To Secure Your Life Raft – Get Started With Your Digital Marketing Strategies Today!

So there you have it – the role of digital marketing in today’s times and how you can make the needed shift. If you are yet to devise digital marketing strategies to survive the pandemic and the times beyond, call Click4Corp, a Dallas Digital Marketing agency, at 469-441-4678 and get helpful advice on mitigating the business damage done by the pandemic.

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