How Often Should a Website Be Redesigned or Built from Scratch?

How Often Should a Website Be Redesigned or Built from Scratch?

Website Redesign: How Often Should It Be Done?

Website redesign

It’s 2017 and websites are considered required for business ventures. Most start-ups make the mistake of not maintaining their sites even if they do have one running. In this fast-paced era, rebranding and redesigning are crucial steps to achieve your company’s goals. People’s attention spans are decreasing and technology is changing fast. From a technical standpoint, the design of a website does affect its lifetime.

There are varying opinions on how often a website must be rebuilt from scratch. Overall, there are still no fixed rules, and deciding when to update and redesign your company’s website should depend on your goals and financial resources. Often, you just simply need a website refresh but not a complete rebuilding process.

Here are some tell-tale signs that you need a website refresh.

  • Over 3 years since last update

This is not applicable for all but is a reasonable indicator. If you haven’t tweaked anything from your site in a two to three-year timeframe, then it’s time for an update.

  • Changes in your company/brand

If you have introduced a new branding or color scheme, make sure that is reflected on your site. If your company offers new services, update that. Any small change should be updated – whether it’s new contact details, revised pricing, or a brand-new mission statement. The most obvious sign is when a customer contacts you regarding your outdated site information. A rule of thumb is to refresh and update your content every two to three days.

There are some instances which require re-engineering the site from scratch. An example is if your website cannot be accessed properly in mobile devices, or if it was built using Adobe Flash. Your website must adhere to the following guidelines, or else a redesign should happen soon.

  • Your website is mobile-friendly.

You can’t expect your viewers to always be on a desktop computer, especially in a time where everyone uses smartphones. The design and coding of your site must be adapted to work on mobile device screens. It’s a serious shame to lose a potential customer because of a nonmobile-optimized site.

  • You’re not using Flash.

Apple devices are not compatible with Flash. If your site was originally built with Flash, it’s enough reason for you to rebuild. Flash drastically slows your site down, and even Google Chrome has already been optimized to convert Flash advertisements to a friendlier playback format.

In theory, the employees of your company must be familiar with the content management system (CMS) for your site. Simple updates and site changes doesn’t require a skilled programmer. Also, refrain from using a closed-source CMS because if the company operating it goes out of business, then you’re going to have to rebuild your site from scratch. WordPress and Joomla are some popular, open-source CMS that you can use instead.

Lastly, if you do need a website redesign, consider asking customer opinions. They’ll be able to provide you with what they’re looking for, what seems missing, and what they want to see in your new site.

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How a Search Engine Optimization Company in Dallas Can Help Your Business

How a Search Engine Optimization Company in Dallas Can Help Your Business

Boost Your Company’s Growth by Hiring Search Engine Optimization Company  Dallas


Most often, a lot of companies fall short in understanding the need for SEO experts. This is because Search Engine Optimization is one of the most misrepresented terms in the world of marketing. So, for a business who wants to thrive in today’s market, you need to know that SEO has a profound effect that could impact your whole organization.

In many ways, a Search Engine Optimization company can help your business gain visibility in the market because they can optimize your website for search engine ranking. Along with that, SEO companies can develop the quality of your website by making it simple and easy to navigate.

An SEO Company Can Increase Your Market Presence

One reason why you would want to hire the expertise of a search engine optimization company in Dallas is when you want to increase your company’s visibility on the net. Doing so can be more than just an asset to your company, but would prove to be an effective way to boost the company’s growth.

One of the things you want to consider, is when people search for topics, products, and services, you would want to come out on top of the search engine rankings as much as possible. This can be effectively done with protocols a search engine optimization company in Dallas employs.

In addition to an increased business visibility, you would also want to boost your business branding. Business branding is important as it creates a trademark which your intended customers can relate to and easily identify with. It also allows your company to stand out amongst the millions of business who has the same scope of services as yours.

A Reliable SEO Company Can Contribute To Your Business Credibility

A reliable SEO company not only improves your company name, but can also be an asset. They do not just maintain the efficiency of your website, but can a vehicle that can drive company growth and expansion. In more ways than one, an SEO company in Dallas can be a source of support in an otherwise extremely far-reaching world wide web.

As every SEO expert would know, what search engines primarily does is they take into consideration the position your company gets with their rankings. When your website ranks on top of the other equivalent sites, it creates confidence amongst your intended customers.

Your website, along with your company, will be viewed as a relevant and significant site where people can go to. As a result, your business largely grows making your company a credible and highly reliable source of information.

SEO Companies in Dallas Can Improve Your Website Traffic

One beneficial aspect of hiring the help of an SEO company in Dallas is they know how to effectively increase traffic on your website. Although it wouldn’t give you money, chances are, those people who happen to drop by and learn something about your products and services can potentially be turned into customers.

The main thing is, those who are visiting your website qualify as leads. They are searching for products and services that a company like yours offers. This means that you have their interest and convincing them through your website can be as crucial.

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Digital Marketing Company in Keller

Digital Marketing Company in Keller

Few Reminders Before Hiring Digital Marketing Company Keller

Digital Marketing

Nowadays, most companies would allocate a large amount of their budget towards digital marketing. This can be extremely helpful especially for a developing company as they are able to target the specific audience they want to consider. It also allows them the total freedom to reach their customers without much of the expenses that are associated with the traditional means.

When looking for the best digital marketing company, it can be helpful to know that there are a few things you need to consider before having them engaged in the bandwagon. This would eliminate the need for you to hop from one agency to another when things do not turn out the way you want them to be.

A Digital Marketing Company’s Size Does Not Matter

In most cases, it is often easy to assume that the biggest digital marketing company is the best. This is not usually the case because most of these online marketing companies only have a small number of employed senior digital marketers. Along with that, they have a throng of junior digital marketers who are handling a cluster of clients. Except for being a high paying client, you will only get the best expertise equivalent to the amount you pay for.

When hiring the best digital marketing company, the primary thing you should consider is whether they can expertly cater to your company’s specific needs. Having one which is open to learning about your business processes can prove to be beneficial in more ways than one.

Also, it is best to have a digital marketing company who can precisely work within your company’s niche. One who possesses the propensity to learn about your internal processes can be efficient enough. They should be able to grasp information that is precisely aligned with your business so they can build an effective marketing strategy.

Get To Know About Their Background

marketing company DentonIn today’s digital age, a lot of online marketing agencies are popping out. Before you get the services of one, it is important for your company to do a little research on their background. Learn about their experiences before you directly transact business with them.

It is also equally important to know that the younger the digital marketing company, the more likely will they be susceptible to making mistakes and will not be critical enough about your marketing strategy. Although the potential risk may be balanced out by the price of their services, additionally, it can lead to a disaster which would lead to disappointments in the future. You need to think out well of your decisions before you hire the help of a budding digital marketing company.

When getting the help of a digital marketing company in Keller, think of it as an investment that needs to be well decided for. In more ways than one, the decisions you make will either make or break your company name and image. It is a marketing investment that has to be well evaluated and considered before reaching a resolution.

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Dallas Web Developer

Dallas Web Developer

What to Expect When Working With Dallas Web Developer

Dallas Web Developer

Modern technology has immensely grown to be part of our society. It has created alleyways that seem to be confusing for an ordinary man. So, one thing you have to consider when working on your company website is to distinguish the difference between a web designer and a web developer.

To avoid confusion among these terms, it is better to be able to know what their primary responsibilities are. First of all, web designers are responsible for the overall look and quality of your website. They may not always be responsible for writing the code, but their job entails the graphics side- to create an overall experience for the user.

Web developers on the other hand, are responsible for the technical aspects of the website. Their job is to create the foundation of the website which typically starts from the ground up. Web developers are experts in specific languages that are used to create your company’s website. Most often, they are detail oriented and normally possess the technical skills, as well as, a good logic to be able to build your website’s backbone.

Qualities Your Web Developer Must Have

Websites doesn’t just come to light in an instant. It requires blood, sweat, and grueling sleepless nights to turn them into reality. Additionally, once they go live, they need continuous optimization and management that can be equally as hard.

One of the primary jobs of a web developer is not just with the coding process, but also encompasses throughout the maintenance of your website. Hiring a Dallas web developer means that your website will not just be brought live, but will be maintained as needed.

As with every other company offering services, when looking for a partner, you should look for certain qualities. Some of the things you need to expect from your web developer include having superior creativity, sound technical judgment, a keen sense of project management, and the tenacity to instill meticulous project development and testing.

web development dfw

Also, your web developer must be able to work within a specified time period along with the intended budget.  This can be helpful as your company tries to maintain its growth momentum while being at par with technology.

When hiring a Dallas web developer, you should also consider one who has the hunger and ability to understand the nature of your business. It can be crucial that your web developer fully understands the way your business operates as this is vital for the design and functionality of your website. He needs to get a full grasp on the business angle while at the same time being able to comprehend the technical aspects needed.

Being both a business owner and a passionate problem solver, you should also look for a web developer who possesses the same attributes as you do. This way, you develop a partnership that can be utilized to build a strongly reliable website that caters to the needs of your intended customers.

Working with your web developer means that you have to create a partnership, so this means that you have to work as a good client who constantly updates and adds to the scope of your website. A good partnership is a two-way street in which both of you gain benefits from.

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Why Do I Need SEO for My Website?

Why Do I Need SEO for My Website?

 Achieve Your Website Goals Using SEO

SEO for my Website

Without a doubt, the primary reason you set-up a website for your business is to reach and send your message across to your target audience. This means that you want as many people as possible to visit your site and refer it to other individuals they know so that later the same can be translated into sales or profit. To achieve this, you do all that you can to make your website interesting, interactive, and exciting. You pay close attention to the graphics, colors, and other elements. However, none of this will matter if most people have no clue about the existence of your website.

If you want your website to be visible and accessible to the many internet users all over the world, you must position it properly so that your target customers can visit your site when they need your products and services. This accessibility and presence are essentially the most basic contribution of search engine optimization (SEO) to your website or business.

Here are other compelling reasons why SEO is valuable to your website:

Once you start your SEO efforts, you will be able to observe a significant increase in the number of visits to your website after some time. While the change cannot be experienced instantly, you can be assured that it will increase steadily as time pass by. You can take note of the increase in traffic by using analytics and other reporting tools.

It is a well-known fact that investing on SEO will yield a better return on investment compared with other traditional marketing strategies. Statistics shows that from a thousand clicks from SEO, 4% of these clicks will be translated into sales. This percentage is twice higher than the 2% clicks generated through paid advertisements.

  • Increase in business credibility and reputation

Do you know that there are almost 300 million websites on the internet? Imagine how your business website can be known and beat the other hundreds of million sites without resorting to SEO. It would be close to impossible. Through effective SEO, however, you can make your website stand out and be well known. If your website is ranked high on Google, the credibility of your website and business increases. The mere fact that a highly reputable search engine is “recommending” your site means a lot to many customers.

  • Provides permanent results

Unlike traditional advertisement techniques, the positive gains you experienced because of your SEO efforts are permanent. The effects will not immediately cease just because you stop paying for it. Once you gained the top spot in the search ranking, you just need a bit of upkeep to preserve your spot.

 The various benefits and advantages described above are just some of the top reasons why business owners rely on SEO to achieve their website goals at least at the onset and eventually attain their business marketing objectives. If you want your business site to experience positive results, it is critical that you take the chance to invest your time, money, and effort to learning and adopting SEO concepts and activities.

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E-Commerce Website Company in Dallas, TX

E-Commerce Website Company in Dallas, TX

How to look for an Excellent E-commerce Website Company in Dallas, TX


More and more businesses are growing adept with the ever changing landscape of technology. Nowadays, they are not only concerned about keeping their stocks in shape, but are becoming aware of the advantages of having an ecommerce website.

So, when looking for a hire the service of an e-commerce website company in Dallas TX, what makes a company better than the other? How would you distinguish them from the millions of website developers sprouting out in the industry?

Start With the Obvious

Looking for an ecommerce website company is more like looking for a housebuilder. You definitely would want your house to look good, along with being able to serve its purpose, and being respectable and highly reliable.

To distinguish a good ecommerce website company, you have to know that they should possess a valuable team experience. Make sure that the company has had extensive experience in the industry and that the team members are willing to meet with you halfway. This can be helpful in making sure that your website is attuned to your liking and does what you intend the website will do.

You also want to make sure that there is a team in charge of the website development and not just a single person taking managing the whole development process. This can be likened to only one person building your house, which of course, would make it susceptible to flaws and omissions. When your company decides to put up a website, hire an ecommerce website company that has a graphic designer, a programmer, and an SEO manager among others.

Having various people work on your ecommerce website ensures that the development process is overseen and experts can provide the needed input to make sure that your website is fully functional.

Do a Good Research

Among other things, when looking for an e-commerce website company in Dallas TX, it can be helpful to check their portfolio. The company’s web design portfolio can ultimately be the perfect way to know whether they can deliver the right kind of website that is suited for your company. Even though there are websites who do not have an explicit website that appears to your liking, getting one that specifies the tasks and features that is required to develop your website can be more than enough.

Also, for a company who wants to focus on their core responsibilities, it can be important to have an ecommerce website company who has superior customer service. This simply means that they give the needed time to reply to your communications, or even update your website in a timely manner. One important aspect when looking for a good if not excellent ecommerce website company is by how quickly they answer your estimate requests.

Although in some cases, it would require some time, but them being transparent all through the process can be helpful as you are able to look through every detail of your program along with being able to develop a good and careful planning and strategy when your website is enforced.

More importantly, for a growing business, it is always important to know the return-of-investment. A website that costs more but is more effective will definitely be more valuable than one which costs less but does not render its purpose.

Looking for an excellent e-commerce website company in Dallas TX can be hard, but with effort and well done research, the fruits of your labor can be worth all the struggles.

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