Google’s Chrome Will Add New ‘Not Secure’ Warnings Later This Year

Google’s Chrome Will Add New ‘Not Secure’ Warnings Later This Year

Google Will Display an Alert on Chrome’s Future Version for Non-Secure Sites

Google will display an alert on future versions of Chrome for non-secure sites. Google also indicates that, in the context of private browsing where users are more sensitive to protecting their data, the indicator in the browser may turn red to be more visible. A page accessible on HTTPS may also use multiple files that are hosted on insecure connections.

Google Chrome’s Not Secure Website Warning

In a few months, the Chrome browser will display a ‘Not Secure’ indication in its address bar when visiting an unsafe site that causes sensitive data to pass through a network. Deployment of the warning will be gradual. In this case, the Chrome browser will display a security alert because the page displayed contains “mixed content” not fully secured by an end-to-end HTTPS connection.

Google’s last announcement is that Google Chrome’s not secure website warning for non-secure (HTTP) sites may have a specific alert displayed. A page is made up of different files (HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc.) that can be hosted on different servers located in different places on the planet. If you are curious about the unsafe content displayed by Google, Twitter, Facebook or others, they are visible in the Chrome developer console accessible by Ctrl + Shift + J.

cross testingWe will therefore continue with the same recommendations in terms of for new sites: create it directly. Remember also that the protocol is used as a positioning factor by the search engine. This will not be the case for all non-secure sites, but only for those who, according to the browser, transmit sensitive data without encryption (passwords, credit card number, etc.).

We will therefore recommend for an existing site where you expect an URL migration for you to take advantage of it to switch. A “Not Secure” label will be inserted in the address bar to indicate that there is no use of the secure protocol. As part of a longer-term initiative, attention will be drawn to all HTTP sites.

At this time, this alert for unsafe connections only affects pages for which passwords or payment card information are to be transmitted. Currently, the Google Chrome browser is beginning to stigmatize certain pages accessible via HTTP. It is also possible to disable a security alert by launching Chrome with a particular switch. To launch Chrome with a particular switch, right-click on the Chrome shortcut on the desktop or in the Start menu, and then in the Properties add the switch to the box.

Then restart Chrome, the alert bar will no longer be displayed. We will therefore recommend for an existing site where you don’t expect migration, you may wait, you have a little time but the vise will tighten. When you open a secure website in Chrome, the browser may sometimes display a security alert saying that the page has untrusted content.

Little by little, Google will force us to pass all our sites in a secure connection. This is one more step towards 100% HTTPS in a few years, or even before. Although, remember, a secure connection has no impact on the Google rankings at the moment.

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Click4Corp is Now Offering Website Phone Call Tracking Services

Click4Corp is Now Offering Website Phone Call Tracking Services

Click4Corp is Offering Website Phone Call Tracking Service

Leading Texas-based digital marketing agency provides measurement tool which links marketing campaigns and telephone conversations that depend on them.

Phone call trackingAllen, TXSeptember 11, 2017 – Click4Corp, a Dallas, Texas-based digital marketing agency providing advanced tactics such as web design, search engine optimization, web development and more, announced it is now offering website phone call tracking services for companies to track and analyze incoming calls, described by Click4Corp representatives as a measurement tool that links marketing campaigns and the telephone conversations that depend on them. Further, the agency says call tracking is a technical solution for assigning and analyzing incoming phone calls corresponding to different marketing sources and campaigns.

Thanks to the data collected by call tracking, clients are rewarded with an accurate and reliable view of the performance of each communication medium that they use in their strategy,” says Mo Daka, founder and CEO of Click4Corp. “This data allows calls to be analyzed based on traffic sources and visitor sessions, which can then be used to analyze pre-call visitors, origins of calls and multi-channel funnels. We can now analyze calls from the different media our clients use, such as Google AdWords, Bing, Facebook, directories, emailing, ad sites, partner sites or SMS campaigns”.

Indeed, this solution complements web analytics to provide clients with an overview of channel-by-channel marketing performance. Now, clients can be made aware of the number of calls triggered by their brochure, advertising insert in the press or even by their website; this is precisely why tracking calls is positioned as a complimentary solution in a global communications strategy.

Through Click4Corp’s call tracking services and to Daka’s point, clients will be able to analyze which calls are coming from offline campaigns such as catalogs, poster boards, flyers or brochures and even radio or TV ads, with the multiplication of the numbers used making it possible to analyze the results of campaigns by channels and media utilized. Additionally, clients can now analyze online and offline advertising campaigns to improve their return on investment.

Dallas Citizens Council WebsiteEven today, telephone calls represent the majority of commercial communications for most industries.” adds Daka.

According to Click4Corp representatives, call tracking makes it possible to identify and analyze calls that are made as a result of business link campaigns by keyword group, for example, or even keyword-by-keyword; these services and devices are also very valuable for the fields of activity or a prior telephone call that is linked to the act of purchase – such as in real estate, the craftsman industries or business-to-business transactions.

Though the practice of tracking has long-existed through the use of one or more specialized numbers for marketing campaigns, it has recently evolved with the emergence of specialized providers that propose the creation of specific numbers which are then redirected to an advertising company. Some tracking solutions linked to websites, say Click4Corp reps, allow for “dynamically modifying” the call numbers displayed on a site based on the source of a visit.

A client may already follow the effectiveness of his or her advertising campaigns and their website on the Internet, but now they can be aware of the number of unique monthly visitors to their site plus the click-through rate on paid ads and emails.” concludes Daka.

It’s definitely a win-win proposition.

Click4Corp is located at 115 Richardson Court in Allen and can be reached by calling (469) 441-4678. For more information visit

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Why Should I Hire an SEO Expert in Dallas, TX?

Why Should I Hire an SEO Expert in Dallas, TX?

Why Should I Need to Consider Hiring an SEO Expert in Dallas, TX?

When you want to make your company website better and more efficient, you may want to consider hiring an SEO expert to do the job. You might wonder why you’d need someone like that to help out with posting when you’ve been doing it yourself. There are many reasons why an SEO expert would be highly beneficial to your company site and your company in general. Take a few minutes here to see why this is one department you definitely want to consider adding to your site today.

They Know What WorksSEO Sharing

When it comes to SEO marketing, there are some specific details that you need on your side to fully utilize the power that SEO offers.  You may have heard search engine optimization in your circle of business but don’t really know how to make it work for you. That’s where your SEO expert comes in. They have the experience needed to find the perfect keywords for your site to draw in clients to you instead of your competitors.

They Have The Tools Needed

There are all sorts of ways to analyze websites to find out what keywords are important at that time. Your SEO expert has quite a bit of experience in using these tools to help you get the higher ranking you’re after. Whether you want to be the top spot for Google searches or you’re after being in the top three, they can help you with the tools they have at their disposal.

They Know the Regulations

With each update that sites such as Google has, there are some more stipulations put on to the ways you can use SEO marketing. The expert you hire will be very familiar with these changes and keep up with them to make sure your site is always in compliance with the updates. These are critical as when there are changes to the system, your site can lose its ranking or even get flagged for spam for not following the SEO regulations. Your expert that you hire will be able to help you prevent that from happening and always keep your site where it should be.

They Research So You Don’t Have To

Have you ever tried finding the keywords on your own that would help move your rank up higher? Have you looked into all the information about SEO keywords and how to stay away from being blacklisted? If you’ve spent anytime researching you know it is very time consuming and at times, confusing. That’s where your SEO expert comes in. They do all the work so you can focus on what you do best, running your business. They take all the hassle and stress out of learning how this marketing works so that you can focus on other aspects of growing your business.

Hiring an SEO expert may not seem like something you need but when you’re faced with trying to move up in the search result listings, it is something you can’t live without. Your SEO expert will take all the work out of marketing your website for you and make sure your keywords are placed properly, and that your content is something your readers will return to again and again.

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Click4Corp Ranked #2 in the US of Best SEO Companies by 10seos

Click4Corp Ranked #2 in the US of Best SEO Companies by 10seos

Click4Corp Ranked Number Two in the U.S. for Best SEO Companies by 10seos

Reviewing agency striving to find best SEO firms in the world recognizes Dallas digital marketing agency for helping businesses grow – one website at a time.

Top SEO CompanyAllen, TX – June 5, 2017 – Click4Corp, a Dallas digital marketing agency providing advanced services such as web design, SEO ranking (search engine optimization), web development and more, has been ranked number #2 in the U.S. for Best SEO Companies by 10seos (, a reviewing agency striving to find the best SEO firms in the world. Click4Corp was recognized by 10seos for its provision of digital marketing tools to complement its clients’ needs, in addition to the way the firm helps businesses grow – one website at a time.

Associated with Virtuous Reviews LLP, one of the most renowned corporate reviewing segments in the world, 10seos works with a team of marketers, analysts, researchers, reviewers and PR specialists who help get the most genuine rankings for internet marketers. The organization follows a rigorous process that examines companies on the basis of a number of factors such as quality of services, years of experience, client feedback, pricing and many other relevant elements.

As a growing professional digital marketing agency and website design firm, Dallas’ Click4Corp provides quality business solutions designed for small and medium-sized organizations, with services that utilize Internet technology to create new business opportunities for its clients. These clients range in size and industry, and because they require varying levels of attention, Click4Corp is structured with the capability to manage accounts from individual entrepreneurs to medium-sized businesses looking to build and expand their businesses.

“We have built a reputation in our industry for successfully growing our client base with our business-to-business marketing approach,” says Mo Daka, founder and CEO of Click4Corp. “This has proven that traditional business methods are still the preferred policy for building long-term relationships; what’s more, we’ve been recognized by such giants as 10seos for the way in which we earn our clients’ trust. To this end, we work to continually improve our practices and encourage open communication with our clients.”

Click4Corp’s primary service offerings are divided amongst digital marketing, responsive web design and web development tactics, with the agency’s digital marketing services encompassing local listings, pay-per-click strategies, social media, branding, email marketing, SEO ranking and reputation management. In the area of responsive web design, Click4Corp offers not only responsive web design but responsive web redesign, as well as customer WordPress websites, content writing, planning and video creation.

According to Click4Corp representatives, the organization is dedicated to guiding its clients through the decision-making process regarding what solution best meets their objectives while placing emphasis on ensuring they are comfortable with details such as support quality, pricing structure and industry standard features.

“At Click4Corp, unrivaled support is at the heart of everything we do,” adds Christian Jan, Click4Corp’s senior developer/designer. “We’re dedicated to providing the highest level of service in the industry – from a simple issue to a complex installation, we always deliver fast, personal client service. We care about our clients’ businesses, and as such we get to know them intimately while doing everything possible to provide them the peace of mind they deserve every day.”

Click4Corp is located at 115 Richardson Court Suite A1 in Allen and can be reached by calling (469) 441-4678. For more information visit



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Professional Social Media Company in Dallas, TX

Professional Social Media Company in Dallas, TX

Click4Corp is Looking to Provide You with Web Design, SEO, and Marketing!

Marketing stargetiesThe social media company in Dallas TX, Click4Corp is looking to provide you with web design, SEO and marketing! We take pride in our speedy and courteous customer service in order to give you a stress-free and on-demand purchase of our state of the art services.

Here at Click4Corp, we like to think that we provide some of the best web design of any other social media company in Dallas, TX. Not only do we provide high quality web design, but we also give our clients a variety of different types of web design services they can choose from. We, of course, offer the standard web design that is enriched with intuitive features, healthy content flow, and aesthetics that will blow you away. Furthermore, we offer content writing, e-commerce development, custom WordPress sites, website planning, and even web and mobile app development.

As a social media company in Dallas, TX, where would we be without a great SEO plan to provide for our clients? The answer to that question is… nowhere. Truth is, we understand how important SEO is and that’s why we don’t just offer one SEO plan, we offer three. Our starter plan will provide you with everything you need to get things going. You get all the onsite optimization you need, competitor analyses, keyword analytics, and much more. Once you are happy with the starter package (you will be happy), you can then move on to the more advanced package we provide, “Boost”. Boost will provide everything the starter package did plus 50% more local listings, 65% more targeted keywords, an extra video, twice as many press releases, twice as many bookmark sites, and twice as many exchange links. Our ultimate SEO package, “Power”, hits everything out of the park. We won’t reiterate all of the statistics for you but you can see how awesome it is at our SEO page.

The last thing that we offer is marketing. We can manage your social network, run PPC campaigns for you, run email campaigns, and put you in many local listings. Now if that wasn’t enough, we even help you with your image. Our graphic design professionals will make sure your site is correctly branded. We want to make sure the aesthetics of your site attract the correct clientele. Once you have that clientele, our collateral design specialists will make sure you can provide them with modern looking business cards, brochures, menus, and much more.

At Click4Corp, the greatest social media company in Dallas, TX, we truly hope that when you do need some web design, SEO, or marketing, we will be the ones you call.

Get your social media network pumping,  call the experts of Click4Corp at 469-441-4678.

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Web Design and Web Hosting Innovator

Web Design and Web Hosting Innovator

Website Design and Web Hosting Innovator Click4Corp Announces New Website

Click4Corp is a leader in the web design, web hosting, and marketing industry and has created a new website to provide additional information about their all-inclusive web design services. August 8, 2012 Plano, TX.

Click4Corp DesignClick4Corp services provide everything a business needs to deploy a website, including web design and hosting the website, helping businesses optimize search engine hits, and developing websites suitable for mobile devices. They provide custom web design strategies for each client they work with, and each package comes with extras such as free software updates (15 minutes and under), the price clients pay upfront covers everything for a year, and the benefit of a certified support team. More details on their inclusive list of web services can be found on their website at The ability for businesses to be able to have user-friendly and informational websites is critical to compete in today’s marketplace, and Click4Corp hopes to be able to make that a lot easier for businesses.

Their ultimate package covers everything a business will need: custom website design, which includes 15 pages or hours, free website domain registration, free submission of the website to top search engines, free software updates (15 minutes and under), 250 email accounts for employees, and unlimited monthly data transfers. Click4Corp provides this service all at an affordable one-time rate for the first year. More information is available about their ultimate package and other services on their website. Click4Corp offers business savvy technologies including website strategies are on the cutting edge of technology for their business clients. Their services recognize the importance of website design for mobile devices and they strive to help their clients leverage the benefits of mobile applications in their business website strategy.

Click4Corp also knows how to get more users to their clients’ sites. They specialize in search engine optimization (SEO), which helps their clients’ websites be found and accessed easily through search engines, making them more likely to be viewed by potential customers. More information on their mobile web design services and SEO can be found at Click4Corp’s staff is very experienced. Their staff of five has over ten years of experience in the web design industry and each new website that they develop is custom made. They never use templates and will work with each client individually to develop a product the client feels good about. Their website contains a list of portfolios with examples of numerous satisfied clients that have utilized their services. Client testimonials can also be found on their website. Their goal is to provide an easily accessible and informational website to their customers and they have recently redesigned their website in order utilize the best and latest website technology. An online tool is available on their site to contact them should customers have any questions or concerns about the site or interest in their products or services.

More information about the company and the cutting edge technology services they offer can be found at their new website

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