Social Media Marketing Agency in Plano, TX

Social Media Marketing Agency in Plano, TX

Social Media Marketing Agency Plano, TX

Whether you like it or not, social media has become the way of the world. Everyone, and we mean EVERYONE, is now associated with social media in some regard. This whirlwind includes businesses. Businesses have found ways to entertain customers through social media marketing, even interacting with them through conversation. If you are a rare business that is not taking advantage of social media marketing, it is time make a change.

What can social media marketing do for your business?

social media marketingTimes are a changing. Back in the day, businesses would rely solely on word of mouth to bring in new customers. They would advertise sales and promotions through fliers or newspaper ads. Now, thousands of potential customers can be reached by simply typing a sentence and posting it online for the world to see.

Through social media marketing, a business can promote their company through words, through pictures and through videos. A business can inform customers of upcoming or ongoing sales, promotions, charities, campaigns, changes in operating hours…practically anything and everything that can affect a consumer.

Social media gives your Plano, TX business an easy way to paint itself in a positive, fun limelight. You can publish posts about business related things, but also other things. Holiday posts are great! For instance, a “Seasons greetings from (insert business name here)!” post with a picture of a puppy with a Santa hat on will surely to bring a smile to a viewer’s face.

Consider the impact your business can have by making use of Facebook and Twitter


Facebook is all about reach. You post something, someone likes your post or shares your post; suddenly, that someone’s friends see the post and a few of them decide to like it or share it as well. This cycle continues and continues for as long as your post has traction. Just like that, your post, better yet, your business name and logo have been introduced to a bunch of people. Ultimately, your business gets a ton of recognition by doing something as simple as typing a sentence and clicking enter.

As an example, a countertop company writes a Facebook post, “50% off natural stone countertop installation! Enjoy the beauties of granite, quartz, marble and travertine!”, and also provides a link to a company blog post about the appeal of marble.

Anyone who appreciates or is excited about this post will like it or share it and your countertop company will market itself to who knows how many people.


Twitter works very similarly to Facebook, only it is less picture-oriented. You can have fun with GIFs and memes. Just like Facebook, the idea is to show personality, to differentiate your business from those robotic corporations that exist in the world.

You want your business to gain as many followers as possible on Twitter. The more followers, the more people that are going to see your post. The more likes and retweets you earn in a post, the more likely your business twitter account is to gain followers.

Of course, the key is consistent activity (for Twitter and for Facebook). Posting daily is a good habit to get into. If you post rarely or if your account goes through a period of inactivity, people will find no reason to follow your account and will unfortunately “unfollow”.

Other social media platforms to consider for your business…


Less about words and more about pictures. Actually, all about pictures. Instagram gives a business the opportunity to share its day-to-day activities with a customer base. Your business can post pictures of new additions to the office, whether it be a new part of the building or a new employee. Also, pictures can be posted about ongoing projects (if your business is comfortable with sharing such information) and upcoming or ongoing sales.

Your Plano, TX business brand can leave a positive influence on people just by showing off the smiling faces of your employees 😊


social media marketingAlso all about pictures, only product related. If you run flooring business or a countertop business, you can take pictures of your product line and pin it to Pinterest. Tons of homeowners visit Pinterest to gain an idea on specific products that would be a perfect fit for their home. Heck, tons of homeowners skim through Pinterest on a daily basis even if they aren’t planning on adding to or improving on their home.


People associate LinkedIn with mostly job seeking; however, it is also a productive marketing platform. LinkedIn members can follow your business online. Thus, alongside job opportunities, you can post about company news. Essentially, you show people why your business is a great place to work. Even if you don’t get a job application, a follower will still learn about your business and its overall brand.

Social media marketing is all about reaching large audiences through creative and uplifting posting. At the end of the day, people want to be entertained. If your business can entertain people then it is more likely to get interest. And the best source of entertainment is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn.


We know you have a lot on your plate as a business owner. If you do not have the time to balance social media posting or you don’t feel comfortable doing it, rely on the social media marketing experts at Click4Corp. We’ve mastered the ability to reach large audiences through all of the aforementioned social media platforms.

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How Often Should a Website Be Redesigned or Built from Scratch?

How Often Should a Website Be Redesigned or Built from Scratch?

Website Redesign: How Often Should It Be Done?

Website redesign

It’s 2017 and websites are considered required for business ventures. Most start-ups make the mistake of not maintaining their sites even if they do have one running. In this fast-paced era, rebranding and redesigning are crucial steps to achieve your company’s goals. People’s attention spans are decreasing and technology is changing fast. From a technical standpoint, the design of a website does affect its lifetime.

There are varying opinions on how often a website must be rebuilt from scratch. Overall, there are still no fixed rules, and deciding when to update and redesign your company’s website should depend on your goals and financial resources. Often, you just simply need a website refresh but not a complete rebuilding process.

Here are some tell-tale signs that you need a website refresh.

  • Over 3 years since last update

This is not applicable for all but is a reasonable indicator. If you haven’t tweaked anything from your site in a two to three-year timeframe, then it’s time for an update.

  • Changes in your company/brand

If you have introduced a new branding or color scheme, make sure that is reflected on your site. If your company offers new services, update that. Any small change should be updated – whether it’s new contact details, revised pricing, or a brand-new mission statement. The most obvious sign is when a customer contacts you regarding your outdated site information. A rule of thumb is to refresh and update your content every two to three days.

There are some instances which require re-engineering the site from scratch. An example is if your website cannot be accessed properly in mobile devices, or if it was built using Adobe Flash. Your website must adhere to the following guidelines, or else a redesign should happen soon.

  • Your website is mobile-friendly.

You can’t expect your viewers to always be on a desktop computer, especially in a time where everyone uses smartphones. The design and coding of your site must be adapted to work on mobile device screens. It’s a serious shame to lose a potential customer because of a nonmobile-optimized site.

  • You’re not using Flash.

Apple devices are not compatible with Flash. If your site was originally built with Flash, it’s enough reason for you to rebuild. Flash drastically slows your site down, and even Google Chrome has already been optimized to convert Flash advertisements to a friendlier playback format.

In theory, the employees of your company must be familiar with the content management system (CMS) for your site. Simple updates and site changes doesn’t require a skilled programmer. Also, refrain from using a closed-source CMS because if the company operating it goes out of business, then you’re going to have to rebuild your site from scratch. WordPress and Joomla are some popular, open-source CMS that you can use instead.

Lastly, if you do need a website redesign, consider asking customer opinions. They’ll be able to provide you with what they’re looking for, what seems missing, and what they want to see in your new site.

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How to Set Up Google Local for your Business?

How to Set Up Google Local for your Business?

Why Google Local is Relevant to your Business?

Signing up your local business to a Google local listing is fairly easy. By simply logging onto the business website, it’s only a matter of filling out the online form before getting everything set up.

But if you think the hard work stops there, then you’ll be surprised to find that to set up Google local for your business entails much more than that.

Tips for a Hassle-Free Process

To set up Google local for your business, it takes more than just filling out the website’s form. You’ll want to make sure to get a number of the details right – otherwise, you’ll only be wasting your time.

Here are some tips to get you started:

  1. Check your business details.
    The first thing to make sure of are your business details. From your address to your operating hours, you’ll want to make sure that everything posted on your page is accurate. Continually updating the page with edits and corrections is a hassle for customers. If they’ll have to keep checking the page multiple times before the page gets it right, you’ll end up losing more customers.
  2. Check them again.
    It never hurts to double-check and make sure of the details multiple times before confirming them.
  3. Make your business name sound unique.
    For better reception, you’ll want to check that your business name is unique enough to stand on its own. Within the name, you’ll also want to make sure that customers will know what you stand for right away. Besides the hassle for potential customers, repeat business names will land you in legal trouble as well.
  4. Make sure that your business name is the only one out there.
    Uniqueness is key when thinking up your business name, as better recall will attract more customers to you. Before registering your business name, be sure to check that it’s the only one of its kind out there.
  5. Keep tabs on the competition.
    Check out what the other businesses in your field are doing as well. The results and benefits of doing this are multiple: you’ll make sure that you’re offering something truly unique, and you’ll be able to determine what else you need to do to get ahead. Be careful that you don’t end up stealing ideas already presented by others before. You won’t want to get into a legal battle even before you start opening your business.
  6. Keep your lines open for feedback.
    Feedback is key, especially for businesses just starting out in the trade. By keeping your feedback lines open, customers and clients will be able to send in their thoughts on your upcoming business. More than taking note of the criticisms and challenges you’ll need to work on, you’ll also know what you’ve been doing right so far. If you take care to ensure a trustworthy and reliable business, you can expect the positive comments to start coming in. The more positive feedback your business attracts, the more customers will flock to check out your business.

It’s a Continuous Process

The important thing to remember when you set up Google Local for your business, is that tweaking your business is an ongoing thing. Do not stop at just registering your business name and then waiting for customers to come in. With the proper feedback and proper guidance, you’ll be able to see your business bloom in its own time.

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How to Submit your Web Site to Google Local Listing

How to Submit your Web Site to Google Local Listing

An Overview About Google Local Listing

Google Local Listing

When you submit your web site to Google Local listing, you’ll find that the process is simple and straightforward at the beginning. All it takes is you logging on to Google My Business the website and setting up your business there before you’re all set to start earning.

But to truly make sure that your business will be there to stay and attract the customers you need, you’ll have to keep in mind that the process doesn’t end there. There is actually more to the process when you submit your web site to Google Local listing.

With a series of tips and tricks out there to help your business’ website along, you’ll find that the devil really is in the details when it comes to this.

Add eye-catching pictures.

Having colorful pictures and graphics will go a long way in attracting first-time customers to your page. Many customers visiting your page for the first time will always be attracted by the bright pictures first before they begin to read the text. This is why it’s important to include relevant information when putting up your pictures.

Include a map with clear directions to your office. Put in pictures that show off your office or business interior. Feature photos of the different products and services you offer. With these graphics, customers will be more encouraged to stay longer on the web page. Having the pictures posted on the page will also save many customers the trouble of finding the details in long paragraphs.

Double-check your business details.

When creating your business web page, it’s important always to make sure your business information checks out. Accuracy is important, especially if you want customers to stay loyal to your business. Details, like address, operating hours, and telephone lines are all important, yet often overlooked by business owners.

Be sure to get all your business details right, so that you can save customers the hassle of checking the site multiple times. Posting the proper business details also ensures quicker service, especially among first-timers.

Make your name and descriptions attractive.

An eye-catching business name attracts customers to come do business with you. You’ll want to make sure that your business name reflects your business’ personality, the brand it wants to project, as well as the kind of services it offers. With these in mind, a business name has to be attractive and memorable right away. Make it catchy enough, and your customers will continue to come back for more.

Pair this with a well-written description for your business, and you’re nearly set to operate. Like your business name, your business description should be able to provide accurate summaries of the kind of services and products you offer. With a well-written description, customers will be able to get a good grasp of what to expect from you.

Open your lines for feedback.

Make sure that your phone lines, websites, and e-mail addresses are working and open to the public. With feedback, you’ll be able to track down the challenges you’ll need to work on, as well as the positives you can continue. The more positive feedback you receive also, the more customers will be attracted to do business with you.

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Why Your Business Needs Google Places

Why Your Business Needs Google Places

Get Your Local Business Benefited with Google Places


Google My BusinessGoogle Places is an online tool that allows your local business to be listed on Google Maps, displaying store information for consumers to see. If you’re not aware of the term yet, an example of a Google Places listing is when you search for a restaurant and the left side of your browser shows the address, phone number, opening hours, reviews, website, and directions for that establishment.

No business owner will want to ignore the opportunity of this listing. Whether your company is listed on Google Maps can make or break your reach to potential customers. Not only does it boost the rankings of your company’s website, but proper optimization allows for customer reviews of your services. Because Google Maps is accessible by anyone in any platform or device, you’re getting customers and web traffic without even doing much.

Another notable fact is that approximately 97% of consumers browse for local businesses online. This means that Google, through paid and organic searches, can significantly influence your customer traffic and overall brand awareness. Even if you spend hundreds of dollars with SEO and digital marketing service, a simple Google Places listing should not be overlooked as it can be even more invaluable to your business.

In detail, here are the reasons your local business needs Google Places:

  • Google Places is the new Yellow Pages. If you’re looking for a place to eat or the best salon service in the area, what do you use? Most people will Google search in an instant. With Google Places, relevant information (hours, photos, maps, reviews, contact number, website link) are provided to your target customers in just a click.
  • Google Places optimize your site rankings. Since Google Places only focuses on local searches, any search would be limited to the businesses in a certain locality. If you’re listed, then you have greater chances to be seen by potential customers.
  • Google Places can market your business. Without spending on television or print ads, small businesses can take advantage of this free service. It allows them to market their business in their target locality in a cost-effective manner.

Setting up your Google Places listing is easy. There are only three steps.

  1. Add your business information.
  2. Verify your listing using an automated phone call, text, or a postcard to your address.
  3. Wait for your listing to get published.

There are, however, mistakes that you must avoid. A Google Places listing is still ineffective if not done the right way. First, do not stuff your Places listing with keywords. Just nominate one category that seems most fit to your business. Never forget the important stuff such as the business phone number. Use a local phone number and not in a picture format. If you want to be rank higher in the results, consider adding videos and photos to your listing. It can be a 360-degree view of an office space or a well-taken indoor photo of a restaurant. Lastly, when it comes to your business overview or description, don’t oversell and avoid overused phrases such as “100% satisfied customers” or something to that effect.

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What Does a Digital Marketing Agency Do?

What Does a Digital Marketing Agency Do?

Digital Marketing Campaign for Digital Age Era

Agency for Digital Marketing

Traditional advertising is constantly gaining a steep decline while digital advertising has been growing rapidly over the past years. This is because we have reached a digital age where everywhere gets connected to the existing technology. Also, one big problem that traditional media faces, is that interruption-based marketing simply does not work the way it used to. People are increasingly staying connected with the use of modern devices which are useful tools for digital marketing.

In a sense, digital marketing is tied to the technology we have now and is an effective way to reach target audiences. Digital marketing agencies on the other hand, are entirely different from the conventional advertising agencies we have grown accustomed to because they are directly concentrated on result-based advertising in the digital realm.


What Really is Digital Marketing?

To keep things simple, it is common for a person to have access to different gadgets which he can use anytime. Digital marketing directly targets this vulnerability to induce promotion of products and brands. It can be an effective method to market your company and target a specific audience that delivers significant results in real time.

In a different perspective, digital marketing can be used by an organization to study marketing campaigns and recognize which are effectively working and which are not.  The internet is more intimately linked with digital marketing because digital marketers are directly able to keep a close eye on what is being seen, how often and for how long. They are also able to analyze which content works and which does not.

With the world shifting to digital media, people get access to the information they want anytime and anywhere. The old days of traditional marketing where you are only able to provide precise information about a specific product or service are gone. Digital marketing lets your voice be heard while at the same time gives people voices with what they think about your products and services.

What is a Digital Marketing Agency?

A digital marketing agency is entirely different from a traditional marketing agency. This is because they use digital media to promote a product or services. They are also results-based because they are focused in getting measurable marketing leads and ROI for your specific company.

Comprised of several personnel with their own specialties such a team of graphic designers, web developers, analysts, and account executives, they work together to form a group that is focused on marketing solutions for your company’s specific advertising needs.

More than anything else, digital marketing agencies can help improve your business and boost your return-of-investment. They can simply do this because they can entirely support your marketing needs from the very first stages down to the implementation process.

Procedures often happen in real time which can be dynamic while at the same time innovative. Digital marketing agencies also have a keen sense of what to hand out. Their business dexterity allows them to gauge your brand’s needs and create an effective and impressive strategy that can be used to maximize gains.

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