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The Ultimate Microsoft Exchange Alternative

SmarterMail is a scalable business email, group chat and team collaboration server that meets the needs of any sized business, from the sole proprietorship to an enterprise organization with thousands of domains and millions of users.

Everything in one easy-to-use interface

Send and receive email messages and collaborate from anywhere in the world with SmarterMail’s webmail interface – no matter the device or your location. Don’t want to use webmail? No problem! Support for a variety of syncing methods, including POP, IMAP, CalDAV, CardDAV, XMPP, EAS, EWS and more, means you also have the flexibility of using your preferred desktop or mobile client.

Instant team communication

In today’s fast-paced world, the ability to chat with a team or group is critical. Discuss issues and strategies with co-workers in real time, even if they’re working halfway around the world.

With SmarterMail’s group chat features, you can even use your own instant messaging desktop client, like Adium or Digsby, or mobile clients, like IM+ and IMO, to have instant, secure and reliable access to anyone within your organization.

How To Check Your Mail:

1. Go to http://mail.click4corp.com/Login.aspx

2. Supply your Smartermail email account.


Reference: https://www.smartertools.com/smartermail/business-email-server

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