Chicago’s Gourmet Pizza, Irving, a Slice of Heaven in Every Bite!

Slice of Heaven

Irving, TX – When you see this mouthwatering succulent slice of pizza you might be thinking it’s the best pizza in town! and you might be wondering where it is sold.

And next stop you’ll be on your way to treat yourself a slice of heaven at Chicago’s Gourmet Pizza! Truly is one of the best pizza gourmets in town from the day it was established in two thousand and eight the word of the mouth has begun and for they have gained knowledge about Chicago’s deep dish pizza. Earning a reputable name in the industry while working with the most known pizza restaurants in the West Coast for over fifteen years since its inception in ninety two .From then on they have created a legacy thriving on bringing something better and different to the community and on the year two thousand and eight they have brought this dream into a reality giving life to this pizzeria with its cozy atmosphere ,serving delectable gourmet pizza has never been this good! From this humble beginnings it has now brought customers coming back to have some more of their pizza and what they have to offer with their highly rated Bonta’ Pizza sauce and the most flavorful Grande Cheese that is also highly complimented, their deep dish pizza are made to order.

With their full pickup and delivery service all at reasonable price! With a valuable experience that has made them believe that quality can never be compromised creating pizzas with top quality ingredients at affordable prices. The minute this pizza hits your taste buds you will surely be transported to that special place where it is heaven in every bite they also serve salads, those sizzling buffalo wings and pastas, making the dessert even to die for and of course their famous pizza in a variety of flavors and toppings .Starting with your own kind of crust topped with cheese and toppings there truly is no better way than to express it with this pizzas the way you like it! The way you want it! And they also have special treats for the little tots that comes with kids cookie, their sandwiches in an array of relish that satisfies your palette, comes in their three way calzone that is made to order with their homemade pizza dough, stuffed with the freshest ingredients, then folded and baked to a golden brown! Up to three toppings! But wait, that’s not all they also have this one of a kind place where it iscozy and comfortable that’s the atmosphere they want to exude with their friendly staff and service is prompt you will surely be back for more! With the modern way of communicating and working Chicago’s Gourmet Pizza has asked the assistance of Click4Corp that specializes in web design and web hosting specially for clients who wants to express their business through the fastest the easiest and the largest known technological advances in our generation the internet! And with them, they have created a website specially for them providing an adequate amount information that is reliable and functional for customers easy access, all in just a click away!


Reference: PRLog: 11981769.

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