Christian Up Close & Personal Announces Their New Website Launching!

“Spirit-Lead” Decal Business Christian Up Close and Personal Announces Launch of Dynamic New Website

Texas-based company providing clothing such as Christian T-shirts and other items based on religious mantras takes its online presence to a whole new level.
Christian up close

Plano, TXMay 25, 2017 – Christian Up Close and Personal, a Plano, Texas-based business specializing in clothing and other items that feature various religious mantras, is taking its message to a widespread audience via an all-new website located at Christian T-shirts as offered by Christian Up Close and Personal include the “Act” shirt, “Perfect” shirt, “Price” shirt and custom shirts, each expressing a different message from “the Savior” whom business representatives say should be given a chance to “guide all our lives.”

“God can speak to us in many ways – he can communicate though Scriptures, songs, Christian literature and other people,” says the 61-year-old entrepreneur behind Christian Up Close and Personal. “I realized that we too can help minister and assist our fellow travelers through this life, as well, and soon learned that I must always try to keep my ‘spiritual eyes’ focused on Him; through the writings of Jesus, I was given the confidence to start a new business at the age of 61, and I am now using my life history to help encourage others to give our Savior a chance to guide their lives.

“Indeed, ‘working’ for the Lord is the highest honor that I could have ever imagined for myself. My prayer for others is that they too will enjoy and receive personal insight through our spirit-lead decal mantras printed on custom shirts.”

Among the many unisex shirts offered via are popular sellers such as the “Act” shirt (including a decal that reads “God’s Message to the World – Get Your ‘Spiritual Act’ Together Soon. Accept My Precious Son.”), the “Anger” shirt (including a decal that reads “Dear God, Please Give Me Peace of Mind Because I am Having ‘Righteous Anger’ Issues.”), the “Bless” shirt (including a decal that reads “All Men and Women That Protect Our Freedoms and Lives Everyday are Blessings From God. Respect and Honor Them.”), the “Curtain” shirt (including a decal that reads “Life is a Drama. Just Be Ready for the ‘Final Curtain’ Call.”), the “Grape” shirt (including a decal that reads “Given the ‘Grapes of Wrath’ in our Life, Jesus Turns Them Into Wine.”) and more.

I can honestly say that our God is the greatest and most beloved CEO that I have ever had the highest privilege of working for…and His retirement plan is out of this world,” concludes a Christian Up Close and Personal company spokesperson.

Christian Up Close and Personal can be reached by calling (469) 969-6021. For more information and to order products visit

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