Color Trends for Home Decor Are Changing

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Just as fashion trends change, so do home decor trends. Decor changes with color and texture, from the extreme long shag carpets in bold colors like red and yellow to the minimalist white porcelain tile with white grout. Whatever the latest trend may be, oftentimes homeowners like to redecorate their homes to stay up to date with the latest fashions and trends, and at the moment, homeowners are finding out that colors and styles are trending toward natural reflections.

Natural Colors And Patterns

Natural colors and patterns that reflect the unrefined browns and organic hues, greens and yellows of the botanical, and blues and grays of the aqueous sides of nature, are what is up and coming today. Gone are the ideals of everything being greener and efficient. Patterns that reflect natural stone, or are reflections of how nature is colored by the changing sun, are making their way into home decor and flooring. The sense of touch is being accented with the coming trends over the idea of being pleasing only to the eye. Comfort and softness are winning over straight lines and cold flat surfaces.

New carpeting comes in patterns that simulate stone by having fibers that vary in texture and length. This also allows for a color scheme for each texture or length of yarn and accentuates the overall pattern and style of the room. The varying lengths and colors also reflect differently at different times of the day or night, creating interesting shadows or even a color-changing effect for the room or house. Luxurious softness is also a new trend in these carpet choices, so whether an entire room is being re-carpeted or accent rugs are being added to a tile floor, the new trends are showcased nicely. Click4Corp is helping Nadine Flooring Company showcase their work on their website, so looking there for your own new design ideas is highly recommended.

Granite and natural stone are, of course, options for flooring or kitchen and bath remodels. The staying power and value added to a home with natural stone is untouchable, and now that it is a trend for decorating, it will add double the aesthetic value should you be in the market to sell. If you have stone flooring in your house at this time and wish to update your decor, there are tones and colors in many area rugs that will do just that. Broadloom carpets and carpet tiles can also be used to enhance the tactility of your home and bring natural warmth to the room. Adding blues to update your home instead of greens will also keep your decor trendy for years to come.

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