Decorative Glass Adds Beauty and Value

Many Different Ways That Glass Can Improve Homes Or Businesses

Action Glass has options for decorative glass that can not only beautify homes and businesses but also help them be more energy efficient.

Many people want to update their decor or make their homes more energy efficient without doing a complete remodel. Decorative glass is a way to accomplish both. Windows are a huge part of homes and offices; being able to accent them is now a plus. People don’t tend to think of glass as anything but windows and a way to see in or out of a house or building, but with new options and available types, glass can now be a part of the decor and add beauty and value to homes or businesses. Click4Corp has assisted Action Glass with a website in order to highlight the many different ways that glass can improve homes or businesses.

Decorative glass is a way to think beyond conventional window treatments such as blinds and curtains. Glass can now be etched with standard scrolling or calligraphy letters for entryways. It can also be stained in such ways to accent the colors of the room or just add a bit of dazzle in the entry hall or kitchen. Glass that is etched can be personalized to specific requests and is then not only beautiful, but can also add a dimension of security by obstructing a clear view, while allowing light to pass through like before. Etched glass is a choice for many front doors in both homes and businesses because of these features. The customizing options are also a selling point because a logo or business name can be directly placed in the glass rather than spending extra on signage. Other types of security film can add safety to decorative glass by making it act like a two-way mirror or to be bullet resistant if such an application is required.

New types of glass options bring additional energy efficiency to the home. The insulated glass allows less heat and cool air to escape from the home. Acrylic or glass block are great for baths because of providing a distorted view, and they can be used for shower doors and walls, along with outside windows, for the same effect. Glass that is tinted also lessens energy consumption, especially in sunny climates. Because less direct sunlight is allowed to heat the home or business, it will also deter fading of carpet and furniture near windows, saving money in other ways. Overall, decorative glass has both form and function encapsulated in one purchase. It can add value by updating decor or modernizing homes or businesses and allowing for both privacy and energy efficiency.

About Action Glass: Serving the Dallas/ Fort Worth area with 24-hour emergency service, Action Glass is there for all your residential and commercial glass needs. All glass is serviced and installed including insulated, tempered, decorative, laminated, patterned, tinted, and lexiar (bullet proof). Action Glass also does tub and shower enclosures, full aluminum doors built to specifications, patio, and solar screening, and doggie door installation. Free quotes are available, as are board-up services while the glass is replaced.

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