Designing with Javascript

Transitional Effects using JavaScript

javascript designsJavaScript is essential to a memorable user experience. It showcases the ability to create transitional effects like fading and sliding animations, and allows there to be yet another dimension of design on a webpage. Many Designers should consider the way they want their designs to move and function when interacted with by the user. A designer who understands the vast capabilities of JavaScript commands a broader spectrum of tools to make a UI even more detailed and appealing.

HTML and CSS have done their job giving you a webpage that has both content and style, as well as some functionality. There is so much left to do though! What happens if you have a very specific idea of how something reacts when it is hovered over with the mouse? You can define all this in a stylish manner with JavaScript, and even before you have a full understanding of it, many plug-ins are available as open source elements to put in your code and tweak how you would like.

Tuts+ has made a collection of Javascript plug-ins that you can check out to get started! Check it out here

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