Do-It-Yourself Holiday Portraits Are Not Suggested

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“J. Christophers Photography Studio can assist with a beautiful family portrait delivering the holiday prints you want with much less hassle and expense than you expect. Click4Corp handles their marketing.”

December 8, 2012 Dallas, TX Many believe that they can set a timer on the camera and gather the family in front of the decorations to receive a beautiful family portrait. Usually this idea ends with an unhappy family and a far from beautiful picture. Do-it-yourself portraits are best avoided, especially if you plan to use the photo on a card to be sent to friends and family. Let the professionals handle the photo shoot and spend the time you save getting the cards in the mail for on time delivery.

Professional photographers have the proper equipment to get the job done efficiently and correctly. Red eye is just one thing professionals eliminate without having to edit it out later. Different lenses are also used to enhance portraits. The proper use of these lenses is important however. Fish eye lenses can accentuate the people and blur the background, or they can distort the whole scene if not used properly. The same applies to the use of a flash. If not diffused or bounced off the subjects at an angle the photo will appear washed out or awkwardly bright. Professionals have the knowledge to accomplish the proper effect the first time. They can also suggest the proper use of cropping or panoramic views to best display the photo in a frame for gifts or for a print on cards. Packages are available to be inclusive of cards and the portrait appointment, so it is a very affordable option.

Forethought concerning the arrangement of subjects and proper lighting is also better left to the experts. Placing everyone from largest to smallest or having some sitting and others standing may be acceptable in your mind, but it may distract from the family unit as a whole. Professionals will take many photos while directing the family into different proven arrangements and poses. They will take a myriad of shots giving you a much larger selection to choose from while highlighting the functionality of the family as a group. There will be no more rushing in before a timer goes off and hoping no one blinks, or bumping of a tripod causing everyone to be slightly blurry or off center. Making photos fun is the main objective, and this will be obviously displayed when the photos are revealed. View the gallery on J. Christophers Photographys website that is powered by Click4Corp for examples of the wonderful work.

About J. Christophers Photography: J. Christophers is a photography studio that specializes in portraits, commercial projects, and fine art. Within the Dallas, TX area, outdoor venues are suggested and used for all types of shoots, however there is studio and on site work available to meet customer needs. Backgrounds are custom made and paired with whole and half day appointments for the commercial side. Personal portrait appointments are set according to venue and client availability. Pricing is both sensible and competitive according to the market. Delivery options are speedy and some proofs can be viewed online at the time of the shoot.
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