Donald P. Muth – Announcing the Launch of a New Website!

A Certified Geologist in Texas

Donald P MuthFebruary 2017 – Donald P. Muth is a certified geologist with 35 years’ experience working in East and West Texas, Gulf coast, and Powder River. Don’s goal is to solve geological issues using innovative solutions. He has an extensive resume that includes work ranging from mapping and analyzing a property’s economic value, prospecting to ensure viability and economic returns are realized, to working with investors to market and structure deals for mutually beneficial outcomes. He is proud to announce the launch of his new website coming this month.

Mapping and Analysis

Donald P. Muth has extensive experience in mapping and analysis especially when the focus is developing the structure that will lead to a desired economic goal. Taking into account the high cost of geological prospecting, corporations have for long sort out people with proven skills and an extensive experience to help these companies minimize the overall cost of exploration.

When it comes to geological explorations, governments and corporations involved in prospecting have to apply a number of strategies to minimize risks and increase the chances of arriving at the desired goal. The solutions can range from software applications to multiple basin geological exploration to spread out the risk.

Don has experience in cross-section construction to determine the risk and the possible economic value of the oil and gas resources in the geological basins. It is possible to determine the probability of finding hydrocarbons by examining a cross-section of reservoir rocks. The rock’s permeability and porosity are some of the geological factors that are factored in when determining the probability of the presence of hydrocarbons in a certain location.

Donald P. Muth is also an expert in multiple basin evaluations. Investors usually do not have a way of determining the outcome before exploration has commenced. The risk of their investment is spread over a portfolio of prospects. By tapping the skills of a certified geologist like Muth, the investors can take advantage of technologies like SCAL (Special Core Analysis) which utilizes geological data to minimize risk and lead the exploration towards the desired economic goal.

Prospect Generation and Play Development

Donald Muth WebsiteA location that has been identified a possible site for hydrocarbon exploration must be analyzed using the sophisticated technology to determine the extent and nature of the hydrocarbons. A lot of seismic data is collected during prospect generation in order to establish the geological structure with the aim of locating underground resources.

The expertise of people like Donald P. Muth is required in interpreting the wealth of seismic data collected during prospecting. His job entails determining the productivity of wells. It is also crucial for corporations involved in prospecting to determine the future potential of the well and the best approach that will yield the highest economic returns.

Marketing and Business Deals

Don’s work is not limited to prospecting, play development and seismic data analysis. He also works closely with businesses to craft promotions and clear presentations that can be presented to potential investors. He has experience in helping businesses structure their deals in order to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes. His expertise is useful to investors who need to understand the economic implications of compliance with regulations.

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