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Dallas, TX ECore Software has launched a brand-new website with the help of web design company Click4Corp.

ECore Software, an Internet based company, lets their expertise shine through with their new website. Dallas, TX ECore Software has launched a brand-new website with the help of web design company Click4Corp. is dedicated to educating people about their software and making the software available to those who need it. ECore Software makes cutting edge, web-based programs for various facets of time management. These include, but are not limited to, payroll management, tracking of employee hours and licenses, vehicle management and calendar management. These tools are especially designed for those in the fire and rescue departments, hospitals, and EMS agencies. The homepage includes a summary of their goal as a service provider. That goal is to provide a better way to organize payroll, hours worked, and other various information related to the field of healthcare and emergency response. The eCore model can also be found here. This outlines the overall expectations one can look forward to when using eCores services.

Additionally, there is a link to the eCore news blog on the homepage. Clicking this redirects people to a spot where they can see recent events, news, and expansion of client bases related to eCore. Web surfers can also find a link to customer support on the home page. By hovering the mouse over the tabs near the top of the page, drop down lists are presented, which offer more specific options. While all the links at the top can be clicked for a general overview of their respected areas, navigating to one of the more specific areas from the drop down menu allows for more detailed information. For example, clicking Products will redirect to a page with a general overview ePro Scheduler, ePro BioClock, and ePro Manager. Here, potential clients can get a description of each product to figure out which one is most likely to fit the needs of the company. From this point, if a customer has decided ePro BioClock is the perfect fit, they would hold their cursor over the Products tab and click ePro BioClock. On this page, potential clients can see all of the features that BioClock offers to employers. The Services tab redirects the browser to a page that shows how eCore can revolutionize a business. In addition to providing quality software, eCore can also perform workflow analysis, which helps to maximize efficiency and minimize down time. Having a time management professional evaluate a company’s workflow is a time-tested practice in which things like the flow of information, movement of materials, etc., are analyzed and then organized in a fashion that increases productivity. Clicking the Company tab brings up the overview of the company. Here, the description of what the company does and offers is stated, along with other general information of eCore Software. There is also a link to request a demonstration of eCores services. The demo is a mock username and password that allows for access to one of eCores programs, so customers can take the software for a test drive. The Contact Us link brings up a map for directions, as well as relevant phone and fax numbers, and email addresses.

• Phone (866) 240-6996 (toll free)
• Dallas/Fort Worth (214) 221-6515

Reference: PRLog: 11996679.

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