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eCore Software Inc. has a new website at, where they provide information about their web-based software applications for new and existing customers. August 20, 2012 Dallas, TX The software company eCore has been providing software to public service organizations since 1998, and they have a new website at, designed with the help of Click4Corp. The homepage includes an eCore News Blog, a link to Customer Support, information about the eCore model, and a demo that the customer can view about the eCore Advantage. There are tabs with more specific information, including Products, Services, Company, News & Events, Request a Demo, and Contact Us. There are also links to eCore Software’s social media presence on the homepage and contact information at the bottom of the page, as well as a link to information about EMS Scheduling Software.

The Company tab includes options for information about eCore Software Inc., the company’s business partners, testimonials from former and current customers, eCore on Facebook, and how to request information from the company. The website describes eCore Software’s web-based applications for public service organizations such as 911 dispatch agencies, fire departments, hospitals, and EMS operations, including the company’s ePro Suite of work productivity solutions. The information about eCore Software includes the ePro Scheduler, the flagship product of the company, which provides scheduling, time & attendance, and payroll services. The company’s ePro Manager is the company’s solution for records management, and the ePro Virtual Hub is the vendor interface for common data records. The website describes all of these applications as well as eCore Software’s company dynamics, including the staff to provide products, training, and support 24/7.

There is an address listed for the Dallas suite, a toll free phone number, a phone number for the Dallas/Fort Worth area, a fax number, and email addresses all listed on the website. The website’s Products tab provides detailed information about software products that eCore offers, including the ePro Scheduler, ePro BioClocks, and ePro Manager. The Products tab also includes information about Return on Investment, and explains how eCore’s software saves a company money by minimizing overtime, improving communication, and reducing management hours, among other benefits. eCore Software’s business partners are listed on its website as including Advance Data Source, EMS Direct, Timelined Consulting Inc., emsCharts, and Ambutrak, among others. The website also houses testimonials under the Company tab, signed with the name and company of the author. The website’s link to eCore on Facebook brings the customer to the company’s Facebook page, where posts from the company and customers are available. The Services tab describes the services available, including Workflow Analysis and Training Options, and the News & Events tab keeps the customer updated on the latest goings-on of eCore Software in the community. There is such a wealth of information about eCore Software’s applications on that the customer gets an idea of how the software operates before even contacting eCore, and customers can request a demo for more information.

Reference: PRLog: 11996679.

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