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Design And Install Gorgeous Garden Designs

Gardens for Texas is a small business and we do what we love: design and install gorgeous garden designs for you, our clients.

Occasionally your design and installation project may require additional expertise or services. We pride ourselves on giving you the best possible customer experience and so over the years, we have found other professionals in the industry that we believe in. Through our strong business relationships with them, we are proud to offer the following additional services:

Landscape Architect:Gardens for Texas
Perhaps you just bought an older home and want to update not only the gardens, also the landscape lightning, irrigation, hardscapes, water features, etc. To properly serve you, we may bring in a Landscape Architect to ensure your renovation is compliant with local codes and that all elements are incorporated seamlessly into the re-design.

Organic Horticulturist:
This discipline relies on biodiversity and ecological processes. It involves the science and art of growing plant material by improving and sustaining the health of soils, ecosystems, and people. It excludes or strictly limits the use of manufactured fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or plant regulators. Gardens for Texas incorporates these philosophies in our work, and we offer consulting services by an Organic Horticulturalist when needed.

Trees in urban landscapes are often subject to disturbances, whether human or natural, both above and below ground. They may require care to improve their chances of survival following damage. Pruning should be done with a purpose in mind since every cut is a wound, and every leaf lost is removal of some photosynthetic potential. Certified professional Arborists can provide appropriate solutions, such as pruning trees for health and good structure, or to keep them away from wires, fences and buildings, transplanting trees, and diagnosing or treating diseases. Timing and methods of treatment depend on the species of tree and the purpose of the work. To determine the best practices, a thorough knowledge of local species and environments is essential.

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