Finger-Lickin Cole Slaw Thats Kickin

Accredited by American Culinary Federation and Dallas Chapter of the Texas Chefs Association

Ever wonder why Chefs specialize in a certain type of food? Well, with Chef Idalee Cathcart, who owns Confectionately Yours, Inc. & L’DorV’Dor Confections, there is no question she makes what she loves. In this case, it happens to be her new Cole Slaw Sauce. It is truly the appeal of the deal on the meal.

IdaleeChef Idalees passion for food can only be described as your gain. Along with being able to create appealing and mouth-watering desserts and confections from scratch, she holds a deep appreciation for the fresh ingredients chefs use, and the intricate process they go through to arrive in her kitchen. Her new Cole Slaw Sauce recipe that is being brought to market by her Luscious Legacies brand is a touch of the South meets North.

I started my company in 1982 by producing corporate logos in chocolate, along with my signature truffles called the Idalee’s of Texas. I always wanted to make a salad using my European heritage but incorporating Southern foods said Chef Cathcart. Cole Slaw comes from the Dutch word kool for cabbage, and sla for salad. After graduating from the Culinary School in 1992, I returned to Texas and settled in Dallas continued Cathcart. I guess I have always had the entrepreneur spirit within me and now with this product, it is such an enhancement to plate items such as fish, chicken, beef, barbecue, and vegetarian dishes, it inspires me to create more products. The ingredients are all-natural and the shelf-life is amazing.The Sauce, once mixed with the produce relays the appearance of being Too good to eat too delicious to resist!

Her recommended blend of produce for the Sauce is 1/8 finely cut Angel Hair Cabbage, freshly grated Carrots, and fresh hand-diced Green Pepper. Between the colorful array of produce blended with the Sauce, it truly shows-off the Chefs creativity. Chef Idalees vision is to honor those of past generations who prepared everything from scratch and to help our current and future generations to live a healthier and more satisfying lifestyle.

Chef Idalee is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York, and a graduate of the New York Institute of Technology. She also has a background in Nutrition & Dietetics from the University of Arizona. Other accreditation include the American Culinary Federation and Dallas Chapter of the Texas Chefs Association in which she is the Board Secretary and she has just been nominated as Dallas Pastry Chef of the year!She is on the Chefs Move to Schools initiative started by Michelle Obama and does culinary consulting. She is a Patriot member of the Dallas Veterans Entrepreneur Network.

Luscious Legacies is a preferred vendor for caterers in and around the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. For more information visit her website at

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