HI-TECH Precious Metals And Refinery State Of The Art Technology, Leads Its Way Through The Net

Experience in The Process of Refinery For All Precious of Metals

Dallas, TX- Hi-TechPrecious Metals and Refinery has been making their name for decades of experience in the process of refinery for all precious of metals with a group of fifty they have been building their legacy that continues to lead the industry up to this day giving all of their customers personal quality service with exceptional precision and speed to accommodate precious metal buyers and generators, spanning across the United States. For quite some time they have valued not only giving quality service but also the integrity, innovation and commitment that they exude in every phase backed by an advanced state-of-the-art technology to meticulously handle your every need forrefinement be it gold, silver, platinum group metals and clean bench sweeps. They also have Bullion Exchange for bars, coins, grains and rounds. If you are a trading enthusiast and you are into precious metals it is a great way to keep up with the industry with them around as they have a trading desk for live pricing and availability this goes to buying diamonds as well yes! They buy diamonds for over one hundred twenty-five years of combined experience in the Diamond industry, their staff of GIA certified Graduate gemologists will evaluate and make an aggressive purchase offer, within twenty-four hours, on ALL diamonds; loose, mounted, chipped, broken, any size, shape or quality it may be. As a wise and off repeated saying goes that Diamonds are forever and so it is! Should you have a diamond parcel that you wish to obtain a bid on, simply request a shipping label, and they will evaluate your diamonds and submit an offer within twenty-four hours they also offer delicate Stone Removal.

Hi-Tech Precious Metals and Refinery has an online metal calculator to give you an easy access on how you can estimate the metals and their price range. They offer so much and they give such quality that Sal Santoro the owner of Gold Rush Coins & Jewelry. Fair oaks, Ca said “I have been doing business with Hi-Tech PMR for over eight months, and have found them to be superior to other refiners with honest assays, fast payment, and great customer service. I had the opportunity to personally visit the facility in Dallas and met the entire staff. I have been in this industry for the past seven years and have used four other top refiners. I ship to them once or twice a week and all I can say is I am extremely happy! I switched, and I recommend you give them a try and see for yourself why they are the best!” Their services have gone far and wide giving them a track of numerous affiliates such as the Jeweler State Associations, Jewelers Association, Pawnbrokers Associations and Other Associations such as BBB and FISCA. In such competitive streak, it made way for them to ask the help of Click4Corp a web designing company that is dedicated in web hosting that gives every business functional websites for their clients to rely on whenever they are in need of special quality service all you need is just one click away.

HI-Tech Precious Metals and Refinery is available five days a week from Mondays to Fridays at 9 a.m to 5:30 p.m. you can also give them a call anytime of the day at (972) 239-0597 or simply log on to http://www.hitechpmr.com and check out their site for any questions, comments and suggestions you may have, they are looking forward to serving your refining needs.

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