How to Get the Best Rates on Rental Cars

Elite Rental Car gives great rates and a fleet

Elite Rental Car gives great rates and a fleet of options for your rental car needs in the Houston metro area. Click4Corp is handling their marketing.

December 5, 2012 Houston, TX When you have to rent a car there are always choices in car features, size, cost, and availability. Trying to get the best deal is also a smart choice and there are ways to get better deals if you can take a little time to research. Elite Rental Car in Houston has displayed their offerings on their website with the help of Click4Corp, so if you are in the Houston, TX area they are ready and able to assist you. Local rentals are a specialty for Elite, so you will always get a good deal locally. When traveling nationally or internationally you need to spend some time to check out all the companies and locations available. Rent a Car company do not charge to reserve a vehicle, so if you have two companies with the same available options in a vehicle you can reserve both and then haggle with the competitors to gain the best deal. Competition is how both companies stay in business, so use this to your advantage.

You can also accomplish this with single day rentals. Rental companies need to keep the vehicles in motion; they cannot let them sit in a parking lot. For that reason, many times companies will give great discounts for daily rentals, so use one company one day and another company the next. You have bargaining power here also and may be able to keep the same car for the daily rate of the competitor. It takes a bit of time and some savvy, but you can save up to $20 per day in some instances. If you have the ability to plan your trip in advance there are pre-pay promotions available to save yourself some money. By pre-paying for a week or more it has been shown that consumers can save almost 40 percent over the traditional method of car rental. You can also save if you rent at an off-airport site. Various rental companies have rentals available in town and at the airport. Many free shuttles will take you off-site, so utilize these options and rent within the city you are visiting. You save fees and other monies that are charged as convenience fees for airport pick up. If you must rent from the airport, then reserving your vehicle online saves time and may lead to online discounts. You can also utilize free online services that will continually check for better rates and options on your behalf. This may mean a change of companies at the gate when exiting your flight, but money saved may be worth the switch. Planning in advance is the best way to save money on rental cars.

About Elite Rental Car: Elite Rental Car has 7 locations in the Houston, TX area. They offer a fleet of vehicles in all sizes including minivans, trucks, SUVs, and luxury rentals. Insurance claim repairs are done onsite at all locations so your repairs and rental are convenient. Rates are competitive and guaranteed.

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