How to Set Up Mail for Mac OS X.3

Click4Corp Email Program

You will need your email server settings to set up your email program. Please click here and enter your email address. Print or write down the information that is displayed for use during this walk through.

Open Mail.

If you do not already have an account set up, click here. If you want to change your settings, keep going on this page.
Once you’ve opened Mail, click on the menu labeled “Mail,” and select “Preferences.”

Mail Preferences


Make sure you have the Accounts Icon selected. You’re presented with a window which contains three tabs, “Account Information, “Special Mailboxes,” and “Advanced.” First, let’s look at the “Account Information” tab.

The Account type was determined when you set up the account. You cannot change it unless you delete this account and create a new one. The account type is POP.

Description can be whatever you like, but it is recommended that you use something descriptive.

Email Address should be your Click4Corp email address.

Full Name can be your name, or whatever text you’d like to be seen as your name when you send email.

Incoming Mail Server should be Mail.Click4Corp.com

“User Name” should be your youremial@yourdomain.com (Make sure to include the .Click4Corp) Although this is not typical, it is required for the Click4Corp mail server.

Password is the password for your Click4Corp login name.

Account Information

Outgoing Mail Server

You can edit the Outgoing Mail Server by pressing the “Server Settings” button.

The Outgoing Mail Server should be Mail.Click4Corp.com

The Server port” should be 25

Leave Authentication at None.

Server Options


Next, there are the Special Mailboxes

Set these three choices up according to your own preferences. They can all be left at Never if you want.

Special Mailboxes


Last, please take a look at the Advanced options.

Enable this account means that you will be able to send and receive mail from this group of mail settings.

Include this account when automatically checking for new mail , keep that checked.

Remove copy from server after retrieving a message means that Mail will delete every message you download from pop.methownet.com after it’s been downloaded, and after the time specified by the pull down menu just below that checkbox. We have set our OS X Mail program to delete the messages after one week.

You can use the “Remove now” button to delete any old mail on the server that’s sitting there right now, if you wish.

Prompt me to skip messages over [ ] KB will let you tell Mail to not download messages larger than a certain size. Most people just leave this off. This will tell Mail to not download any particular message exceeding a certain file size. If you don’t want to use it, leave the field blank.

If you’re using SSL, the default port will be 995. If you’re not using SSL, the port should be 110.

Authentication should be set to “Password.”

For more information about the behavior of each of these advanced options, click on the “?” button in the lower-right corner of this window.

That’s it! Press OK and close the account window. You are ready to use Mail for OS X.


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