Imagique Hair and Spa – Leader in Luxury Spa Services – Launches Beautiful New Website

Imagique Hair and Spa offers luxury spa services and recently developed a wonderful new website to provide more information about its unique products and services.

July 25, 2012 Plano, TX Imagique Hair and Spa, a leader in the luxury hair and spa services business, recently developed a brand-new beautiful website with information on its many products and services. Their new website expands on the outstanding service they already provide for their clients, and is well organized, informational, and provides a wealth of information about the products and business services that are available to both clients and stylists. Imagique Hair and Spa’s website can be accessed at Imagique Hair and Spa has a unique business concept that places value on both their clients and the people that work for them stylists, nail techs, masseurs, etc. The company has been featured in Dallas Shop Talk Magazine for their unique business concept. Whereas most salons lease out small beauty stations to individual stylists, nail technicians, and masseurs, Imagique Hair and Spa leases out their space in complete suites or rooms. They provide a state of the art, beautifully designed upscale facility to operate in, and all of their 63 rooms come completely furnished in style and luxury.

The Company Provides A Full Range Of Hair and Spa Services.

Their facility includes styling stations, storage, Internet availability, kitchen, a reception area, and much more. Additional information about Imagique Hair and Spa’s unique business approach is available on their new website. The company provides a full range of hair and spa services. Imagique Hair and Spa leases their facility to a range of professionals that support their goal of complete comfort and indulgence for their clients. Their list of services includes just about everything clients can think of: haircuts, colors and highlights, styling and blow-dry, facials, eyebrow waxing, massages, manicures, pedicures, and eyelash extensions. The company has age appropriate services for both men and women. More information on their comprehensive list of spa services can be found on their new website Imagique Hair and Spa places the utmost importance of the experience of its customers to totally relax, de-stress, and have a sense of peace, relaxation, and fulfillment when they walk through their doors. The company values its stylists and ensures they have a wonderful working environment to provide this level of service, which then shows in what they do for their clients. These two concepts are a perfect match for customer satisfaction, and the company has built a reputation in recent years for excellence in hair and spa services.

More information about the company’s services and its unique business approach can be found at their new user-friendly website Imagique Hair and Spa hopes to extend its outstanding and unique level of service to its website. The company has recently enlisted help from Click4Corp to assist in designing a beautiful website that exemplifies their image and utilizes the latest website technology. An online tool is available on the company’s website to contact them should customers have any questions or concerns about the site, or interest in their hair and spa services.

Imagique Hair and Spa can be reached by phone at 1 (214) 619-2900 (Main Number), or at 1 (214) 394-4545(Leasing Number), or anytime on their website at They welcome any comments about their new website or any questions about their services.

Reference: PRLog: 11933331.

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