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Outdoor and Indoor Ponds

Elohim Aquatics offers various outdoor and indoor ponds for commercial and residential properties. They are a family owned business that prides itself on offering customized service and installation of several water ponds, and waterfalls, that will beautify your property and sense of serenity.

They have been in business for some time and serve the Dallas/Fort Worth region and surrounding area.Elohim Aquatics offers specials on pond supplies, that will suit your needs and budget. Their experienced staff are experts in installing Koi/Coil Fish Ponds, Pondless Waterfalls, Streams, Gold Fish Ponds, Disappearing Waterfalls and Fountains, as well as Flagstone Patios, Stonework, Landscaping, and Fences.

Elohim Aquatics offers many different styles of ponds for you to choose from. They also offer a free estimate for potential customers. All of these pieces are designed to increase your property value, provide you with tranquility, and the opportunity to get back to nature. Children and adults alike will be amazed and relaxed as they watch the fish in the Koi Pond swim peacefully around the water. The pools are built to your specifications, and custom liners are also available. Pumps and other pond supplies are also offered by Elohim Aquatics. Various water plants, meds, and filters are also available.

It is recommended that you place a net covering over your pond in the fall. This will eliminate any debris from blowing into the pond. It also warms the water by a good 3-4 Celsius. If you happen to experience snow or ice in your area, it is important that you properly open and close your pond for the seasonal change.

A portfolio of more than 50ponds that Elohim Aquatics have designed and installed is available to provide reference for you. Delight your family, friends, and neighbors with the pristine, comforting beauty of an Elohim Aquatic pond installation.

They design, build, restore, and offer maintenance for all your outdoor pond needs. Improve your serenity, and get back to nature with a pond from Elohim Aquatics and sit back and enjoy. In order to keep your fish alive, it is vital that you do a 30-50% water change, and use a water conditioner in order to ensure the safety and health of your aquatic pets.

About Elohim Aquatics- Elohim Aquatics is based in the Garland, TX area and serves customers in that region and surrounding area. They design, build, maintain, and restore your outdoor ponds, landscape, and fences.
818 East Daughtery Drive
Garland Texas 75041

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