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Intensive Integration is an outpatient treatment facility that is located in Plano, Texas. Their integrative method of treatment helps those recovering from substance use disorders identify and understand the underlying cause of their addiction.

Intensive integration recoveryAll of the programs at Intensive Integration are beneficial to those who have completed an inpatient program and would like the extra support. They employ a 12 step clinical model that includes Family Night Groups. Here, clients will learn how to build up trust, openly communicate, and understand boundaries that exist within the family group.

Their highly trained staff teaches social and coping skills. They have a variety of programs to offer those who are recovering from alcohol or drug abuse. These programs include, but are not limited to an 8 or 12-week supportive and intensive outpatient treatment program. Comprehensive assessments by their qualified staff will ensure that the clients needs are met on an individual basis. The IOP ( Intensive Outpatient Program ) offers 9 hours of group treatment and 1 hour of individual Family Group sessions per week. This program runs for a 12 week period. The other program that is offered by Intensive Integration is the SOP.( Supportive Outpatient Program ) This is an 8-week program which 6 hours a week is devoted to group treatment and one hour a week for individual or family group therapy.

Drug and alcohol tests are also performed on clients who are partaking in the program. There is also a licensed clinical therapist on site who works with clients to help them understand their chemical dependency. At Intensive Integration, families can rest assured knowing that those enrolled in the program will be taught life and social skills that will help them to cope and interact with their families, co-workers, and even their peers.

Clients of Intensive Integration learn how to make changes in their lives that will aid them in their alcohol and drug recovery. Self-hypnosis therapy is also available. Intensive Integration is an outpatient treatment facility for those suffering from alcohol or drug dependency. It is located in Plano, TX and helps clients to understand how to communicate with their family, co-workers, and peers. They have sober living programs that can facilitate individual clients.

Intensive Integration

101 E. Park Blvd.
Suite 202
Plano, TX 75074
Phone: 972-424-5659

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