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Affordable Kar Kare will help you keep your brakes in tip top shape for your safety and those driving around you.

December 5, 2012 Mesquite, TX Brakes are one of the main safety features of your vehicle. There are warning signs you should know about and watch for in order to keep your brakes in the best operating order possible. In the Mesquite and East Dallas area, Affordable Kar Kare offers brake services and they can be contacted using one of the many options offered on their website that is powered by Click4Corp. Have your brakes inspected by a reputable repair shop. Yearly inspections of the main parts of your brakes such as rotors, calipers, pistons, drums, pads, and liners are recommended to be sure all of these features are in proper working order. Brakes are normally replaced every 20,000 to 30,000 miles, however if you use your brakes excessively or heavily, they may need replacement as soon as 12,000 miles. You should also flush all the fluid systems every two years so the fluid does not become acidic and cause leaks within the braking system. A complete brake inspection will include the previous parts plus a check of your brake fluid levels, a measurement of the thickness of your rotors, a check of the even or uneven wear on your brake pads, conditions of all the lines and hoses, the proper working order of the warning lights on your dash, and a thorough test drive. If all these aspects are not done then your brakes were not checked completely.

Take a checklist of these inspection guidelines

Take a checklist of these inspection guidelines with you and be sure all these features are viewed before repairing any suggested parts. Inspections, and how well they are done, will directly correlate to how a repair is handled. Should you detect any number of the following warning signs, it is important to have your brake issue diagnosed as soon as possible. Some of these signs are: the brake warning light on the dash is illuminated, the brakes seem to be grabbing, the brake pedal will push easily to the floor, the pedal is hard to push, you hear squealing or squeaking when applying the brakes, there is an obvious grinding noise when using the brakes, you see obvious brake dust where you park or on your wheels, or there is a hot smell or smoke when stopping. Any of these can be indicative of brake issues and should be addressed. Remember that your brakes are a safety feature and keep you and others around you out of harm. It is important that you keep them in the best shape possible.

About Affordable Kar Kare: Family owned and operated for 18 years, Affordable Kar Kare offers two locations to serve the Mesquite and East Dallas areas. Pickup and delivery of your vehicle is offered so you never have to spend time at the shop. They offer all types of services from tires to complete engine rebuilds. Financing is available and they are a member of the Dallas Better Business Bureau. Quality work at reasonable prices is their standard.

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