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They Can Get To Know Their Leaders And The Right Person To Call For Concerns

Dallas Citizens Council WebsiteDallas, TX—November 2, 2016—With active service spanning for more than fifty years, the Dallas Citizens Council has proven time and again that service for the community takes nothing less than top priority. The Council has also delivered on proposals drafted for the betterment of the community.

Standing as Dallas’ beacon of service and leadership since 1937, the Dallas Citizens Council announces the launch of its website, Launched to provide easier access and transparency to its current and future projects, the website has also gone live in time for the Council’s 2016 Annual Meeting on November 30.

On the website, visitors will find an updated organizational chart, featuring the Officers and Board Members that make the Council run.

Visitors will also find several areas of commitment the Council has chosen to focus on for the improvement of the community. These areas include:

Education – The Dallas City Council considers quality education a lasting gift to leave the younger generations, where schools will be the training ground for the community’s future leaders. The Council is dedicated to ensuring vast promotion of, easier access to, and higher quality education for all.

With equal focus dedicated to public education and higher education, the Dallas City Council is committed to providing equal opportunities to learn, as well as quality education that will enable graduates to succeed in any field, anywhere.

By furthering education for Dallas, the Dallas City Council also helps equip the community’s future leaders with all the tools they need to thrive upon graduation.

The push for quality education also aims to benefit the bigger community of North Texas, as the Dallas City Council hopes to advance the area’s national academic standing.

Healthcare – Working in collaboration with the Dallas Medical Resource, the Dallas City Council remains active in the quest for further improvements in the current healthcare system. The Council has also previously pushed for a Texas Solution, which aimed to help low-income Texan residents by providing insurance access and expanding the Medicaid program.

With this achievement in place, the Dallas City Council hopes to fight for more healthcare rights now and in the future.

Transportation – The Dallas City Council is also working to ensure long-lasting infrastructures that will remain sturdy for generations to come. Funding for road and infrastructure construction has been significantly increased by the Council.

The Council has also helped create the Trinity Parkway, a component of the Trinity River Corridor Project, in a bid to improve regional transportation.

Water – As water is a valuable resource no one can go without, ensuring long-term water supply for community residents is also a concern the Dallas City Council is working on. With a premium on conservation and policies on saving water, the Council’s stance on water supply remains ever clear. The Council has also thrown support behind the Marvin Nichols Reservoir, in a bid to further the water protection initiative.

Citizens who log onto the website can expect to find details about these initiatives and more. They can get to know their leaders and the right person to call for concerns.

The Dallas Citizens Council has remained ever-steadfast to bring quality service and leadership to their community residents, and with the launch of their new official website, the Council’s stands will only become clearer.


Contact Information:

Dallas Citizens Council
901 Main Street, Suite #6212
Dallas, TX 75202

Telephone: 214-653-1031

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