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The Serene Environments LLC Limited Offer – The Hottest Summer Commodity

Serene EnvironmentThe latest and hottest trend this summer has come – the Serene Environments LLC Aqua Shade Floating Umbrella. And its limited supply on the market is gradually dwindling away. The perfect gift for the entire family, it should definitely be on your summer list.

Why You Should Take Advantage of the Serene Environments LLC?

There’s nothing more pleasant and enjoyable than relaxing on a float while basking under the sweet summer heat. On the other hand, as much as people want to stay in the cool water for longer, it can get unbearably hot especially during peak hours, leaving them with no choice but to take shelter under the poolside umbrellas and wait.

The Serene Environments LLC is the solution to your summer woes. Specially designed and engineered to upgrade and maximize your summer experience, this innovation is so convenient for a plethora of reasons.

  • This floating umbrella unit helps maximize the family’s fun and enjoyment in the pool, without compromising on health and comfort.
  • Kids and kids-at-heart can now enjoy the pool at any given time of day, without much worry over getting agonizing sunburns as a consequence to sun overexposure.
  • It also comes with a small tabletop and drink cooler at the center of its 42-inch diameter float ring. Refreshments and sun shade are now made more conveniently within reach.

The Serene Environments LLC Specs

This hot summer item is more than meets the eye.

  • It has a 9-foot polyester aluminum California Umbrella with a push tilt feature that provides manual adjustment to the desired angle for maximum sun protection. It has a base pole that has been pre-cut for water use only.
  • Its float ring is 42 inches in diameter.
  • Its AquaBase consists of a 0.235-inch thick, patented, rugged plastic container that fills with water and can stay stable enough to accommodate 120 pounds of weight. Available in three colors: natural (white), blue or black- it also serves as a small tabletop and drink cooler for maximum rehydration. Other base parts include:
    • A 0.25 x 1.25 inch of knurled stainless steel screw set.
    • A 0.35-mm inflatable float ring with a wide-mouth valve stem for easier filling and release.
    • A 1.5-inch test plug for easier filling and release of water.
    • Eyelets on both top and bottom for points of anchor, as needed.

How the Serene Environments LLC Aqua Shade Was Born

In year 2011, the Serene Environments LLC Aqua Shade floating umbrella started as a backyard hobby. Back then, no portable and lightweight floating shade has yet reached the market. Over time, various modifications were made, tried, tested and tweaked before the simplest, most practical and easiest-to-use design was reached. Friends and close acquaintances loved the concept so much and the unique design soon found its way to the market. After being duly patented, the Aqua Shade is now made available to everyone.

Where You Can Get One

Although based out in Lewisville TX, you can avail of the Serene Environments LLC Complete Package via its online store recently launched in September 2015 and has been selling like pancakes since then. Get your very own unit now while supplies last.

Serene Environments LLC
3800 Harrison Dr
Carrollton, TX 75010

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