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Dec 12, 2013– When you need corporate or intellectual matters investigated, Maryann Gatti delivers. Although she has no legal authority, many people call on her to investigate matters that are of the utmost importance to them.

Mary Ann GattiMaryann Gatti has more than 12 years in the field. Her investigative services are confidential and binding. She is an excellent paralegal that has provided services for many high profile companies that were looking for answers. Domain name registration, copyright and trademark infringement, and other areas in which there is a threat of counterfeit, Maryann Gatti investigates with integrity.

If you suspect that your intellectual property has been sold, the experts at investigative services can and will discover undercover buys. You can depend on thorough searches that are also discreet.

The team at Maryann Gatti also takes care of data recovery and computer forensic matters. Interrogations, depositions, and witness interviews are also their specialty. Construction of trial notebooks is something that you can depend on Maryann Gatti to take care of, thus, freeing up some of your time.

If you are an employer and want to do a background check of a potential employee, Maryann Gatti offers this service as well. The team at Maryann Gatti is well versed in personal locator services, polygraph testing, surveillance, and undercover investigations as well.

All areas of surveillance and recovery are offered by the experts at Maryann Gatti. They also offer search and rescue dogs, should the needs arise. Dependable and affordable investigative services that many clients have come to depend upon in both the corporate and individual level.

The team at Maryann Gatti also has connections in Egypt that will work to uncover activities of a foreign national spouse from Egypt. Property records and marriage records are also uncovered. Reliable surveillance is also available to those that are married to a foreign national.

Hiring the investigative team at Maryann Gatti will ensure that you will uncover the activities of both personal and corporate matters. Maryann Gatti is a private investigator that works expertly and with discretion to uncover matters that relate to corporate and intellectual property. With more than 12 years experience, you can count on their expertise to find the underlying cause of the matter.

Maryann Gatti

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