Marie E. Peter Vari Talks About the Faults with Her Dentist

Damage Caused by Dentist

Marie Peter VariMarie E. Peter Vari is an older lady who worked in an office environment for many years. She tells about her disfigurement like it was yesterday. She wants the world to know about the lawsuit she has filed against Costor Donald Kepron, DDS, who she claims caused her disfigurement. It should also be known that Marie has spent the better part of her lifetime under the care of Costor Donald Kepron, DDS. Just how many years are we talking about here? Well. 50 years to be exact! Marie E. Peter Vari first seen Costor Donald Kepron, DDS, back in 1963. Way back then she was concerned about how her two front teeth protruded, and that was the only problem. She thought that perhaps braces would align and straighten her two front teeth. His reply would be that he could straighten them by filing and then putting new crowns on them. That was then and Marie trusted the dentist, who basically experimented on Marie`s teeth for fifty years. The end result of that debacle is that she may need to undergo surgery to have her lower jaw moved forward.

She has spent a lifetime trusting this dentist who took her money and caused her so much pain. Her teeth were drilled, filled, capped, x-rayed, and many other dental procedures were performed on Marie`s teeth. She claims that the dentist performed many unnecessary procedures due to the love of money. Yes, Marie wants the world to know that the dentist removed gold from her teeth and also did work on her crowns. All the while, never telling Marie what it would cost her for each procedure until the work was already done. For example, the removal of her gold crowns came with a price tag of $34,000.

She has spent a lifetime working for others to earn a living. Marie was studied as a ballerina and danced for 15 years. She worked for an insurance company for several years and also at IBM. All through her lifetime, she wanted to make her two front teeth straight. She has seen many prostorthodonists who are completely shocked at the damages caused by Costor Donald Kepron, DDS, yet never openly voice their opinion against the dentist. They just work on Marie`s teeth, hoping to repair the damage and ease her pain and discomfort. She has suffered excruciating pain, facial disfigurement, and even a broken jaw at the hands of Costor Donald Kepron, DDS. She claims that he stated that he did not intend to make her beautiful as this would cause the young studs to come after her. Whether or not this was the case or the case of wanting Marie`s money to provide the dentist with income that he could count upon, has yet to be proven. The last straw that finally pushed Marie to take steps against the doctor was an encounter on a train with Ben Affleck. This train ride took place in Toronto in March of 2013, in which Marie claims that Ben Affleck made fun of her disfigurement by pulling his own lip into a sneer to resemble how Marie E. Peter Vari’s facial disfigurement looks like.

Although many people avoid looking at Marie E. Peter Vari, she was deeply hurt by the brazen ignorance of Ben Affleck. She just wants people to know of her encounter with Costor Donald Kepron, DDS and the lawsuit that she has against him. Marie E. Peter Vari is a woman who is now in her 80’s and how she looks is “Not My Fault”.

About Marie E. Peter Vari- Marie E. Peter Vari is a woman who is now in her 80’s. She has suffered hardship, pain, discomfort, abuse, and ridicule throughout the years. She claims that Costor Donald Kepron, DDS performed dental work on her teeth since the early 1960’s, in which he caused facial disfigurement because he was more concerned with making money off of Marie that actually fixing her two front teeth. You can read more about Marie E. Peter Vari by visiting her website

Marie E. Peter Vari
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