Natural Stone is Beautiful and Durable

Beautiful and Durable Natural Stone

They offer expert design consultation, fabrication and itallation by a team of highly skilled, professional craftsmen. Their Quality is second to none. They are happy to meet with you at your home, or help you shop for stone or both.

Moreno Granite and Stone, LLC, will fabricate and install natural stone countertops and amenities for your home to give years of beauty and enjoyment.

November 19, 2012 Garland, TX – Remodeling and upgrading existing homes has become a trend for the last few years. Adding value to an investment as large as your home is important when you decide to remodel or revamp, and natural stone will not only add value, but it will not decrease in value as it ages. Unlike many other materials, natural stone such as granite, marble, and onyx retain their value and beauty for years. Moreno Granite understands this and has a wide selection of stone products available to install in your home.

Granite has many features that are unique and give it endearing qualities, especially to those who love to entertain and use the kitchen as a centerpiece. Natural stone countertops are both durable and functional as well as beautiful. They have the ability to be used as a cutting board without showing knife marks, hot vessels straight from the oven can be placed directly upon the counter with no worries, and they do not warp, fade, or crack with transfers between heat and cold. Granite will also not stain, provided it is properly sealed, although it may look discolored depending on the normal swirl and varying patterns that occur naturally. Each piece of stone is unique in color and pattern, so your countertop will never be duplicated.

When used in the bathroom for showers and around tubs, the strength of the natural stone is a major benefit. Because it is so compressed from years in the ground there are no porous areas for concern. Bacteria cannot grow or survive on granite or marble, so the bathroom immediately becomes a more sanitary and beautiful room. There will be no mold or mildew occurrences in a marble shower stall and cleaning is easy with just soap and water. Nothing abrasive should be used on stone because it can scratch, however the largest danger with abrasives is the removal of the sealant. Resealing the natural stone is recommended every 8 to 10 months, and that is the only maintenance needed in order to retain the beauty of the stone.

Homeowners who have spent their money for granite, marble, or onyx see their investment pay for itself in very little time. The increase in the value it provides when selling a home is tenfold, but the simplicity of cleaning, the durability, the lasting beauty, and the timeless style also prove to be rewarding. Houses remain healthier by removing fungus growth ability in the most moisture prone areas, and chemical residues from cleaning products are no longer a worry. Visit Moreno Granite’s website, designed and powered by Click4Corp, in order to see photo galleries and gain a greater appreciation for the wonderful uses of natural stone in your home.

About Moreno Granite and Stone, LLC: Moreno Granite is a local fabricator of natural stone for the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. All custom orders are completed in their Garland, Texas facility. Free in-home estimates are available and all work is guaranteed or your money back. As a family operation, each project is done from the ground up by experienced and capable employees. Old countertops are removed, appliances disconnected, new countertops installed, and appliances reconnected within 2 days, guaranteed.

Address: 3812 Dividend
Garland, TX 75042
Phone: 972-487-7987

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