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Olveras Fencing Also Proudly Announces Another Addition to their Fence Preservation Services

Olvera Fence CompanyOlveras Fencing is a family-owned and operated company that has been serving the region for years with their services including installation and repair of fences and patio covers, as well as, yard maintenance. Olveras Fencing also proudly announces another addition to their fence preservation services, fence staining, and power washing.

Fence staining, as the name suggests, is a way of coating your fences with a protective varnish to protect it from detrimental natural conditions. Olveras Fencing provides clients with three options for their fence staining service. Customers can choose from, clear tone, semi-transparent, and solid color. Prospective clients have the benefit of choosing which type they prefer, depending on their taste and aesthetic appeal to their surroundings.

Olveras Fencing, the best fence contractor in Plano, TX will also be offering power washing as part of their fence maintenance service. Power washing is a method of cleaning the fence and getting rid of dirt, algae, mold, and mildew. It can be a crucial step before sealing the grains of the fence. Similarly, a routinely power washing of the fence helps open the pores of the wood for a strong seal and bond of the sealing agent to each fiber.

Aside from this new service, Olveras Fencing normally offers gate or iron gate installation and repairs, patio cover installation and repair, tree maintenance, as well as, yard construction and maintenance. Olveras Fencing is a quality company who has been in the industry for many years and has had an extensive knowledge and experience in their craft. This makes them a reliable company suitable for what Click4Home is looking for.

Olveras Fencing offers a free quote for the installation and repair services they provide through their website or on Click4Home. This can be good for people who would like to know how much it would cost them before asking for any services.

Olveras Fencing, a reliable, honest, and ethical company who offers the best fencing service in the region is proud to announce the added services to yard maintenance along with their association to Click4Home.
Along with their reliability, the family owned business also offers warranty on their labor which is not common for some family owned business who offers the same kind of service. This makes them highly recommendable for people seeking to have their fence and yards installed and maintained.

The company’s decision to join Click4Home is a great step for those who seek to find the right company to do the kind of service Olveras Fencing does. This can be beneficial on both ends as people will have access to their service and the company gaining exposure in the mainstream.

Click4Home is a Dallas based one-stop shop for home improvement that caters to the surrounding regions across Texas. They aim to provide competitive prices and quality service to the residents while at the same time giving them access to the different home improvement businesses in and around the state. Customers can visit the Olveras Fencing site at https://www.click4homeservices.com.

Contact Information:
Olvera’s Fencing
P.O. Box 861229
Plano, TX  75086

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