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Gardens For Texas Uses An Organic Approach To Gardening.

From design to installation to ongoing maintenance, Gardens for Texas uses an organic approach to gardening. We prefer to work with Nature as well as with you to create a landscape design that makes you smile.

Our approach begins with you. We come to your property by appointment and talk with you. We listen to your vision of what your garden should look like, we walk the property with you, discussing and confirming any plant material that stays, types of sun exposure the beds get, your watering method, the condition of your soil and any hardscapes that you may want to add or remove. We point out any issues we see in the landscape and discuss solutions. We inquire about your likes and dislikes in terms of colors, plants and/or other material (i.e. stone). We will tell you honestly if something will not grow due to existing natural conditions (shade, drainage, trampling). We discuss your budget so we can select plant material accordingly and/or make recommendations on how to execute the renovation in phases. We take notes measurements and photos if necessary.

From our notes, measurements and photos we develop a plan for your renovation. We take care to select the right plant material for the level of sun exposure in your areas and we will always include soil amendments (compost) in our bed prep to ensure your plants have access to the nutrients they require for healthy vibrant growth. We finish our beds off with a layer of mulch to protect your investment as well as decrease water loss. For lawn and garden maintenance, we consider the number of trees, shrubs, and beds you have as our organic program offers hand weeding and hand pruning leaving your garden and lawn nicely trimmed, but natural looking. Once we calculate the material and labor costs, we set up our second appointment with you to review the plan.

Once you have given us approval, we begin the renovation! We will provide you with a day and window of time that our crew will arrive to begin the work. We select and install high-quality plant materials from respected suppliers. Any debris will be removed from your property by our crews. In our maintenance contracts up to 5 bags of leaves will be removed at no charge. This leaves you with nothing else to do other than come home and smile.

Reference: PRLog: 11929633.

We Look Forward to Working With You, To Grow Your Business

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