Kostas Cafe

When you think Greek, you probably think of plates smashing during a loud, raucous celebration. Or you imagine the savory scent of a roasting lamb on a spit while people dance to lively Greek music. Or you imagine layers of crisp phyllo covered in nuts and honey as you take another bite of our delicious baklava. Whatever vision you have when you think Greek, you know that we love to have a good time where we enjoy the delicious food and wine of our culture. If you want to share this with us, we invite you to join us at Kostas Cafe, where we offer the most authentic Greek food in the DFW area. There’s a reason it’s among the top rated Greek cuisines in the Metroplex: our food is infused with the love of our family. Come share a meal with the three brothers who work daily at our two locations, Kostas, Zissis, and Dimitri Loannides, who have brought you their favorite dishes from their hometown of Kratero, Greece. Opa!

Date Published

July 2018

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June 2018

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