Richardson Animaluv

Founded in 2004 by Richardson resident Peggy Thorburn, Richardson AnimaLuv provides an avenue for individuals and corporations to make donations and volunteer efforts benefiting the City of Richardson Animal Shelter. As a 100% nonprofit organization, all donations are considered tax deductible. Regardless of the amount of a donation, Richardson AnimaLuv thanks you for your support in our quest to assist in covering special projects and items needed for the animal shelter in the City of Richardson.
Projects AnimaLuv are involved in with the shelter include medical expense assistance, adoption promotions, low cost microchipping of animals, spaying and vaccinations, foster assistance, and petting zoo assistance. Our belief is a healthy animal is an adoptable animal; therefore, we are making every effort we can to assist the animal shelter to provide the public with a healthy, vaccinated animal.

Date Published

May 2018

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September 2013

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