Rockwall Complete Healing and Wellness

We created Rockwall Complete Healing & Wellness to offer our community high-quality wellness services. We know that time-honored healing traditions- Acupuncture, Massage Herbal Medicine, Young Living Raindrop Therapy, & Colonics work. They offer Rejuvenation, Relaxation, Relief from Pain, Stress and Tension and the opportunity to achieve your highest potential.We have personally experienced and observed in our clients and ourselves these benefits for body, mind and spirit.

As part of routine health; practicing acupuncture, massage, herbal medicine, help us to prevent illness and maintain well being therefore we have chosen to deliver wellness services in a centrally-located facility that is convenient to work, home and daily shopping-Rockwall Complete Healing & Wellness is easily accessible off of Highway-30 in Rockwall . To make wellness services and their benefits more accessible we can also deliver them directly to you in your office through our Mobile Wellness Program.

Date Published

August 2017

Client Since

May 2009

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