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Our services cover just about every need a car owner could have. We do oil changes, inspections and preventative maintenance. We also assist with any issue that exists under the hood. This covers heating/air conditioning, engine malfunctions and transmission malfunctions. Oh, and we can repair suspension damage, complete tire rotations, rid of alignment problems and handle electrical deficiencies.

Ultimately, WashGuys Auto Center & Lube provides services to get your vehicle back to driving smoothly and worry-free, or to keep your vehicle driving smoothly and worry-free. It’s no fun dealing with vehicle issues. Something that costs so much money should not subject you to tweaks and repairs.

Unfortunately, very few vehicles get owners off scott-free. At some point, you are going to run into car trouble, whether minor or major. When that time comes, WashGuys Auto Center & Lube will be here to mitigate your concerns and get your vehicle back on the road, riding free and easy.

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September 2018

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July 2018

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