Prosthetic Company Launches Its New Website

Cosmetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

Prosthetic ImpressionsProsthetic Impressions offers cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery for all areas of the body and face. The company serves the greater Dallas region.

Prosthetic Impressions offers cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery for all areas of the body and face. The company serves the greater Dallas region. August 3, 2012 – Dallas, TX – Prosthetic Impressions, a local plastic surgery and prosthetic group, is announcing the launch of its new website. The company was in operation prior to the website launch, but its new prevalence on the Internet allows it to reach a wider range of clients in a faster, more convenient manner. Rather than having to come into the office to get the information they need, prospective customers can now research the company from the comfort and convenience of their home, and decide whether or not plastic surgery is right for them. This allows the company to focus its full attention on the clients that are serious about plastic surgery. The website provides information about the company, details about the various services performed by Prosthetic Impressions, and contact information. It is understandably difficult to acknowledge the idea that you need plastic surgery. Whether you were born with a defect or you suffered an accident or illness, plastic surgery is a huge decision that can significantly alter the rest of your life. Prosthetic Impressions’ new website makes the process of finding a plastic surgeon much easier and less stressful than ever before.

Customers can peruse the website from the privacy of their own homes, at their own pace, rather than having to schedule a costly appointment just to get a consult. Prosthetic Impressions provides detailed information about their policies and procedures so that customers know exactly what to expect before scheduling an appointment. The new website features the services and treatments provided by Prosthetic Impressions, along with an “About Us” section and a “Contact Us” page. The company’s phone number is conveniently placed in the top right corner of the website so that customers can view it from any page. Above the phone number are links to Prosthetic Impressions’ Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus pages so that customers can easily connect and provide feedback to the company. The website’s organic, neutrally colored design makes potential clients feel peaceful and at ease. Prosthetic Impressions used Click4Corp, a web hosting, designing, and marketing company for businesses, to assist with website development and design. Prosthetic Impressions offers all kinds of cosmetic procedures, including prosthetic ears, eye treatment, nose surgery, finger treatment, and toe treatment.

The company promises to demonstrate to its customers exactly how the prosthetic should be used so that they have a complete understanding of what they will experience. Customers will see exactly what their new prosthetic will look like prior to any surgery. Prosthetic Impressions strives to make its clients as comfortable as possible during their visits, ensuring them that they will receive the best care possible. The company asks customers to trust that its services are built to last with its slogan: “Let us leave you with a lasting impression.” The business is conveniently located on Dallas Parkway and takes appointments by phone.

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