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Q.S. Dental Laboratory is conveniently located in Garland, TX. They offer affordable dental services that will give you a reason to smile. Some of their services include fixed restorations or removable ones.

QS DentalTheir services are top notch and they also offer special discounts at various times of the year. When it comes to dental work, Q.S. Dental Laboratory knows their stuff. Restorative procedures can include ceramic restorations. This type of restoration is usually done with zirconia. However, all zirconia is not the same. This dental practice uses the Lava Ultimate Restorative Resin Nano Ceramic.

With more than 20 years of service behind them, the technicians at QSDL utmost desire is to give their clients a reason to smile. They know that quality, time, and delivery of the needed restorative denture is important to the client and they work hard at fulfilling those needs.

Custom abutments are also available. Atlantis and Nobel Biocare are to name a few. They recommend that you call them to inquire about the custom abutments as there are many different types and systems used.

Diagnostic wax ups are great study mode dental services with customer care in mind is what this dental practice is all about.

Their website is also user-friendly. When you need to get a prescription filled, all you need to do is go to their website and click a button. You will be able to get your prescription filled and also print it out. You may also fill an online evaluation form.

As for scheduling your lab appointment, this can be done online as well. You choose either the 12 or 15 day interval to book your appointment.

About Q.S. Dental Laboratory- Q.S. Dental Laboratory is located in Garland, TX. They offer affordable restorative dental procedures that will give you a reason to smile.

Q.S. Dental Laboratory

3914 S. Shiloh Rd
Suite 214
Garland, TX 75041


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